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Xàbia hosts a new appointment for the renewal of the DNI

27 September 2022 - 11: 00

The mobile expedition unit of the National Police will travel again to Xàbia to facilitate the renewal of the DNI to all those who are registered in the municipality. The appointment will be next Thursday, November 10, in the Multipurpose Room of the Portal del Clot.

Appointments can now be requested, in person, at the Xàbia Local Police checkpoint from 9:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m.

  1. Erika says:

    The previous appointment, in which I was able to renew my DNI, was very fast and efficient. I thank the National Police for this service and their kindness, as well as the other people who assisted us.

  2. Sonia Kleyman says:

    What is the DNI card and why does it need renewing? I have a TIE.