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Visits to the Cova Tallada: From the 15 from June to the 30 from September it will be necessary to previously reserve

12 June 2019 - 15: 43

The Ministry of Agriculture, Environment, Climate Change and Rural Development has established the conditions for access to the Cova Tallada de Jávea, located in the Montgó Natural Park, during the summer period of 2019.

Specifically, from the 15 from June to the 30 in September it will be necessary to reserve the visit to the Cova Tallada through the official website of the Montgó Natural Park (http://www.parquesnaturales.gva.es/es/web/pn-el -montgo) as published by the Official Diari of the Generalitat Valenciana.

Maximum 71 people

The maximum number of visitors that can be simultaneously inside the Cova Tallada will be 71 people. This measure was taken after carrying out a study of the cave's reception capacity and its assessment by the Dénia and Jávea City Councils and the Governing Board itself, and following the public participation procedures that have guaranteed citizens' knowledge of the normative project and its right of amendment.

The maximum number of people per applicant will be 5, and requests can not be made with more than 10 days in advance. The applicant must carry the printed or electronic authorization and the DNI.

From the Natural Park point out that the access path is dangerous, so the civil responsibility of the visit and security in any area of ​​the Natural Park, including Cova Tallada, will always be borne by the visitor.

The need to take these measures is preceded by the considerable increase in visits, which in recent years has received this wonderful enclave of the Marina Alta, which causes an increase in the risk of accidents and threatens the conservation of their environmental values.

Carved Cova History

It must be remembered that the Cova Tallada is an old quarry of rough stone located on the coastline of the municipality of Jávea, included in the Montgó Natural Park and protected by various figures, taking into account its exceptional environmental and landscape characteristics.

These measures may be renewed over the next few years, if the conditions of overfilling persist, although this regulatory instrument will allow a more dynamic and intelligent management of this beautiful maritime enclave, which in recent years has been threatened by excess of visitors on certain dates, especially during the summer period.

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    • Miquel Strogoff says:

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        • Miquel Strogoff says:

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  2. Miquel Strogoff says:

    Will a blacksmith go to put some fences or doors so that no one enters? As usual here in Javea, fences and prohibit is the only thing they know how to do ...

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