[Video] Rosa Cardona (PP): «I fully trust citizen participation to reactivate Xàbia»

The candidate for mayor of Xàbia for the Popular Party, Rosa Cardona, has chosen Montaner Park to talk with Xàbia.com about their projects and ideas to reactivate Xàbia. For Cardona, the space chosen is the memory of her childhood and the place she now shares with her children.

The popular candidate is committed to reactivate Xàbia in all areas, connect the three urban centers and of course, in having citizen participation, «That each technician, professional or neighbor contributes his point of view before an action is very important so that Xàbia is alive».

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Comments on "[Video] Rosa Cardona (PP):« I fully trust citizen participation to reactivate Xàbia »"

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  1. Fernando:

    The interview with Rosa is very good and I will vote without a doubt ... ..I have not heard from her or the other parties, and in my humble opinion one of the most pressing problems is the lack of PAINT on the road network. . We must think about the number of people who visit us and provide them with SAFE driving. THANKS.


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