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[Video] Red Cross brings advice and recommendations on safety and prevention

16 July 2019 - 12: 56

"To prevent is to live". With this motto, the Red Cross provides different messages with which it gives advice and recommendations to different situations that may occur on the beach. Red flag, jellyfish stings, heat shocks or the use of plastics among other cases.

Heat wave

Before the arrival of summer, the Red Cross remembers simple guidelines to prevent problems related to high temperatures.


Check the video with subtitled explanations in French y English en.

Solar protection:

Follow the tips and recommendations also in French and in English.

Feeding and hydration:

En this link You can watch the video with the explanations, in subtitles, in French.

And the tips subtitled in English in this link


Would you know what to do if you step on the beach a hedgehog or spider fish? From the Red Cross they give you some simple guidelines on how to act and remember that we should not take marine animals out of the water, "Since we are the people who invade their natural habitat. We just have to avoid them to avoid problems".

If you accidentally suffer a sting, do not hesitate to approach a Red Cross post.

In case of Jellyfish Sting:

The advices In French you can see them here and in English in this link.

In case of sea ​​animal (hedgehog, spider fish):

The protocol to follow in this case of bites in French y English en.


Safety tips in the water. First of all you must respect the flags of signaling and in case of being caught by any current in the water, do not try to swim against the current.

Before the red flag: Tips and recommendations in French y English en.


Red Cross promotes environmental sustainability by reducing plastic waste. In their councils point out that you have to remember to take the garbage that is generated on the beach. "We are what we eat, don't be plastic."

Throw trash:

Recommendations and advice on French and in English.

Using reusable containers:

Recycling tips in French y English en

Recycling of containers:

Advice on plastics and diversity in French and in English.

Recyclability tips in French and in English.

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