Vicent Colomer: «The relationship of Compromís with the PSOE has been like a marriage»

We finished the 2018 and started the 2019 as the year of municipal elections. Xà, following the line of giving opportunity for expression to all political parties with municipal representation, has spoken with Vicent Colomer, spokesman of Compromís and only councilor in the Javea Town Hall to take stock of what this legislature has been.

Colomer has stated that this legislature is based on an absolute socialist majority. TO"In his day, the mayor contacted me to take the council of sports, it seemed a good invitation but I also thought that with so many people who needed me », says the mayor.

Vicent has taken care of the sports area,  «an important area», as stressed by the councilman, who added that at a sporting level «This term has been good, but due to budget cuts and the contracting law, many projects and actions will not be able to come out because the municipal machinery is slow. The
administrative impediments have slowed important projects such as the auditorium and the Puente de Triana ».

Colomer has referred to the pool project by pointing out that «It has been difficult to unblock it, since the autonomous government did not allow agreements to be made with the council, now it has been unlocked and with almost total security during this month the agreement will be signed and throughout the year the construction will be tendered of the indoor pool ».

Compromís-PSOE Relationship

 «The relationship of Compromà © s with the PSOE has been like a marriage, there have been small differences that have been solved, but in the important projects we have agreed», Colomer has reviewed and adds that  € œThe fact that CompromÃs is has conditioned many things with the socialist party. In this legislature have laid the foundations in sports for next in the pool and the flag of the Freginal ».

In a matter of disagreement with the Socialists, the councilor of Compromís has made reference to the General Plan, Â € œIt is slow, the allegations are still not answered. From Commits claims were presented for 80.000 m2 destined for sports area, as we thought of a general plan to 25 years ago and still have not received an answer. We need another football field, athletics trackâ € |Â ».

Lack of sports infrastructure

Vicent Colomer agrees that Xàbia is deficient in terms of sports infrastructure, «Not only of this legislature, I think that since the General Plan of 1990 was born it was deficient and it was not thought to have spaces for infrastructures».

From the Department of Sports, Colomer points, "We have maintained the municipal facilities as well as possible and natural gas has been installed in all sports centers. The grass of the soccer field would have to be changed but for reasons of bid, the first company resigned and we hope that in this quarter it can be changed ».

On the march of an important part of the Tennis Academy Ferrer to La Nucia, the mayor has said that  € œItâ € ™ s sad, but the Tennis Club is private and for the purposes of the PGOU it can not be extended. La Nucia has the right land, and Xàbia does not have it. "

Candidacy for 2019 elections

Facing the elections next May, Vicent Colomer has been clear: Â «In case anyone had doubts, yes we will introduce ourselves. We will opt for primaries and now we are in a process of renovation with young people interested in the project. At the end of January the whole process will come out, I will opt for the primary and will be the first of Commitments to the City of Xábia. "

On a possible pact, Colomer has said that he has felt comfortable with the PSOE, "With the only party we can agree on is with them since they have worked well and has as a reference the Botanist's agreement. The two parties contribute, we join efforts and we have the will and desire to work ".

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    Mr. Colomer, and with so much activity, you have not been able to equip the Arenal play area in the two long years that we have been asking for. Now it turns out that the maintenance of facilities is theirs, so please tell us why you have not acted on Avda. De Paris so that people can trust you and your party in the next legislature because if something so simple is not He has been answered ... but he does not know where I'm talking about, it's from Arenal, next to Jávea Park ...



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