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Residents of Arenal attack the illegal works of a local on the beach promenade

13 2022 April - 00: 05

The residents of a block of flats in the Arenal Beach ask for response and action, Javea Town Hall, for the illegal works carried out on the terrace by a hotel located on the Paseo del Tenis David Ferrer.

The Community of Owners of La Crehueta have indicated that on four occasions they have requested information and a response from the town hall on the status of the infraction file, from 2019, in which it was stated that the owner had built a booth in the upper part of the premises , fact not allowed, but so far, they have not had a response.

In its day, and after an inspection, the Urban Planning Department ordered the removal of this structure; demolish the entire work and if they do not comply, coercive fines would be imposed. Now, more than two years later, the neighbors ask for actions and a response to their requests to the City Council due to the inaction of this owner to the requirements.

  1. Elisa says:

    Not only La Boeme, La Jijonenca also has a beach bar on the deck or roof.
    I'm going to see if I build a pool...

  2. For a LOGICAL Future! says:

    For Diego:

    First of all, how little grace you have.
    The second thing, that thing about the "brown crotch", that no longer has a name...

    I understand that you do not want to understand what I wrote, you are clearly against Logic. It must be that you live off politicians, I can't think of another explanation, or that you are directly a politician.

    The "civilized world" you speak of is going to shit, run by politicians who are totally morons, with no capacity for anything, they know nothing, they just fill their pockets, and those of their friends, who I imagine are one of them.

    Oppositions to Mayor and Councilman, that way the whole bunch of smart people would disappear, at a stroke of the pen.

    You come to explain Life to me, you? Now I'm really bummed out, piece of redneck.

    Are you going to give me lessons on what? piece of leg

    Keep up your hick shit, keep worshiping money, keep up that shit of life that you think is cool of death.

    Fuck you dude

  3. Pablo says:

    Those of the municipal government are neither socialists nor communists. They have neither ideology nor project.

    • Luis says:

      Exactly, they only have a mission to get rich, period. They, friends, relatives and anyone who pays them the corresponding commission.

    • Leandro Spinel says:

      You have also failed to review that they do not have the necessary training to hold positions of responsibility.
      It is embarrassing to proceed in the important issues of the Municipality, dedicating yourself to minor issues DOES NOT SOLVE ANYTHING.
      But it is what we have to do, endure what was voted.
      How I liked Jávea, not anymore.

  4. Cris says:

    How is the closing of the premises at the end of Arenal going? Is it as swift and fast as that of this La Boheme sheet metal oven? How "lucky" some people always do what they want and nothing ever happens. All the restaurants in Javea should occupy the public road that they please and expand their premises as far as they want and excuse themselves in the lack of compliance with the complaints and sanctions of some. If the authorities are unable to enforce the rules for certain premises, they should not and cannot enforce them for the rest. And if, on the contrary, they do so, they must report it to whoever is appropriate. Comparative tort, prevarication, other more interesting...? Although as he says this is an opinion...

  5. Sonya Mars says:

    Jávea Social-Communist Paradise

    We must be two or three who live adjusted to the Law.

    Mayor, in those brochures from Jávea, from FITUR, they could say that if you are a Pirate, a smart person for life, Jávea is your place, don't you think?

    In addition to being able to make large bottles, pollute the sea, etc. A place where the Law does not exist!

    Bravo Chulvi, every day we appreciate you more for how well you do EVERYTHING.

    • Luis says:

      Communist social paradise? Corrupt paradise like the rest of Spain, political ideology is the excuse to vote for them.

    • Pedro says:

      Sonia, you are right in some things you say but where does it come from that Javea is a Social-Comunisya Paradise? Wouldn't it be more like a capitalist paradise where if you have money you can do whatever you want?

      • For a LOGICAL Future! says:

        The Social-Communist Paradise is what you are living now, THEY live like hell, their salary, their diets, but the rest to work like bastards, to pay the taxes that THEY spend later on shit of all caliber...

        It is unfortunate that there is no Opposition, that these parties are not an alternative to this disgraceful municipal management, they have done nothing in all this time and what they are up to can be sniffed at by the league, the same thing. They wait their turn, nothing more.

        I want a Government WITHOUT BAR POLITICS, that not just any wisecrack arrives, that Oppositions be held for Mayor, Councilor, ENOUGH TO VOTE FOR ANYONE!!!!!
        NO MORE MATCHES!!!!!!!!
        CAPABLE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Diego says:

          No more games... well, if you want, you and your brown crotch govern us. Look, this is about winning elections. You show up – they vote for you – you win or lose. Four years go by and you are accountable. That's more or less how the civilized world works.