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Neighbors from Xàbia pay tribute to the Nazarene with their traditions despite not celebrating the holidays

May 03 from 2020 - 00: 24

On this Sunday, May 3, 2020, and as is tradition, the procession of the image of Jesus Nazarene to his chapel of Calvary would take place after spending a month and a half in the Church of San Bartolomé. This year, and we could say, that for the first time, after years of history, the festivals in his honor have not been able to be held in the municipality of Xàbia.

The cause, the coronavirus pandemic, a health crisis that has caused the confinement of all citizens and among them, that of the image of Jesús Nazareno. The State of Alarm was decreed, practically, the same day that the image was to be transferred in procession to the Church and could not be carried out. The extension of this situation caused the Brotherhood of Jesús Nazareno, in charge of organizing the festive events that accompany the celebration of the festivals in his honor, to suspend them.

But the non-celebration has not forgotten, the tradition and customs of these days in late April and early May. Some residents of Xàbia, despite being confined, have shown their fervor for Jesús Nazareno and have made the traditional May crosses hanging them on the street or balconies, or have adorned their balconies with the traditional 'cover' or image of Jesús Nazareno.

These initiatives show that traditions and customs are not lost, they endure day by day, although their public celebration is not possible.

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