Duanes de la Mar neighbors complain about the narrow passage in the leisure terraces

The pedestrian access in the leisure areas of Xàbia causes more and more discrepancies between neighbors of Duanes de la Mar. Pedestrians who try to walk or access the areas where there are restoration terraces complain that the passage is getting narrower.

On the one hand, the neighbors mention the area of ​​Adolfo Suarez Square, «Between the installed tables and the stacked chairs, there is hardly any passage»says a neighbor and adds that "If a person goes with a baby carriage or a wheelchair, he has to make a good detour in front of the terraces, a situation in which there is not much margin either."

On the other hand, the businessmen defend themselves affirming that they place their tables and chairs where the City Council has placed the sheet metal that marks the point closest to the sidewalk, «But the fact of having chairs stacked once the terrace is mounted is what makes the passage difficult», insists a resident.

From Xàbia.com We have been able to verify this situation, in fact, the businessmen comply with the regulations for the installation of the tables but it is also true that the space between the tables and the facade is narrow.

“On the days of more congregation of pedestrians such as weekends or days of festive events, it becomes even more difficult to access here because it is an occupation of unauthorized public roads, violating the regulations of the City Council and occupying more space than allowed. Pedestrians circulate in two directions, dodging obstacles and waiters crossing. If all of this is told to leave with a cart, the situation gets worse », say some neighbors.

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  1. Jesus Boada:

    Not only in Duanes, also in the Arenal. It seems that once again the City Council leaves functions and allows some hoteliers who only look for the business regardless of whether their business occupies a space for pedestrians. There are unusual places to put a table and a couple of chairs in the bars of Cabo de la Nao Pla street


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