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Several CA Llebeig athletes in the 'Top 10' of the weekend's events

November 10 from 2021 - 10: 15

The athletes of the Llebeig Athletics Club participated in different events last weekend achieving very good results. On the one hand, in the Cross City of Benicarló (Autonomous Team Championship), the men's U12 team formed by Reuben Hunter, Pablo Sapena, Kike Devesa and Edu Crespo got the 5th place.

El U16 women's team formed by Celia Fornés, Anaia Collinson, Laura Crespo, Ainara Sapena and Inés García got the 6th place.

For their part, María Devesa and Edurne Mata ran their respective tests individually, making very good races.

Here at the triathlon section, Llebeig athletes were fighting in Castellón de la Ribera in the three sections and participating in the club league, achieving sixth position in the Second Division.

With regards to mountain section, Llebeig runners participated in the Xaló and Montanejos tests. At Montanejos Trail, of 15 km and + 600m, held on Saturday, were Vicky Bolufer and Javi Fernández. Fernández registered a time of 1:28, being 6th veteran and 16th overall overall. Bolufer stopped the clock at 2:21, being the 39th veteran.

On Sunday, the appointment was at the Trail Bernia Moscatel Xalò of 21Km + 1100m and 15Km + 550m, a demanding test, with very technical sections and spectacular panoramic views of the region. In it they participated Ignacio Cardona who was runner-up in the 21km event and 2nd veteran. In addition, the Llebeig team achieved third place for men's teams, with a time of 02:07:50.

For athletes, Isaac Díaz posted a time of 2:33:21, finishing 9th in his category and 20th overall. Juanjo Vallés crossed the finish line in 2:43:22, entering 13th in his category and 32nd overall. Cristian Monzó did a time of 2:54:24, finishing 6th in his category and 46th overall. Álex Gayà's time was 2:59:45, finishing 19th in the category and 58th overall. Marisol Català finished the race in 3:35:26, finishing sixth in the category and 129 overall. Ferrán Bernat did a time of 3:45:22, finishing 56 in the category and 156 in the general and Miriam Moritz did the 15km test in 2:10:39, finishing 25 in the category and 103 in the general.

Here at the Cursa Solidària in Marxa Contra el Càncer in Ondara Five other Llebeig athletes were also present:

Juan Gallego was 8th in the category and 44th overall with a time of 17:40, Fernando Serrat finished in 19:51 and was 27th in the category and 91st overall, Yunqiao Thompson finished in 21:04 and was 3rd in the category and 117 of the general, José Font finished the course in 21:12, he was 31 of the category and 118 of the general and Ángeles Llidó did a time of 23:16, being 12 of the category and 183 of the general.

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