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Several areas of Xàbia register a dozen robberies in the last month

May 05 from 2022 - 22: 15

The robberies in several houses and in different areas of Xàbia have set off the alarms among the neighbors. Unfortunately, it is common that on holidays, taking advantage of the owners leaving their homes to spend the day, thieves take advantage of the moment to break into homes and appropriate what belongs to others.

But this situation, in Xàbia, is going further. Thefts are taking place in short periods of time and at any time of the day. Apparently, the friends of the alien are monitoring the movements of their victims, and as soon as they leave the property, even if it is to go out to buy, they take the opportunity to enter. This fact is causing a great feeling of insecurity among the neighbors, "we feel watched", indicated an owner.

In the last month, the area of ​​Montgó and Tarraula have been, as this newsroom has learned, the target of thieves. Throughout the month of April there have been a dozen robberies in private homes in these rural areas of the town. Specifically, in a 400-meter stretch of the same street, up to six homes have been robbed, four of them in the last 20 days.

In some properties, if they have alarms, they go off, but those in charge of the robbery hurry and take advantage of the time to scatter everything they find in their reach in search of money and jewelry. In other cases, the thieves are surprised by the recording of cameras installed in the houses, an action that has sometimes prevented the criminals from entering, although in others, and hidden by hoods or caps, they have achieved their goal.

The residents of Xàbia, and specifically, of the areas of the urban periphery, seek solutions to protect their residences. "The Local Police and the Civil Guard usually carry out controls or we see them patrolling the roads, but these people know all the movements and that is not enough," some neighbors say.

  1. George V says:

    I only see one way to try to end this and that is by involving the municipal government. How? spreading these thefts on social networks here and abroad, highlighting the high degree of insecurity that exists in Jávea and its very high cost in citizen security, in tourism and investments that make Jávea a place to think twice before coming .

    It is to tell the truth and let it be known. Touch his pocket and uncover the politician's inefficiency, make it public, and you'll see how long it takes to do something.

  2. Jarek says:

    The city could start by lighting up the streets around the city.

  3. Xabia safe month says:

    The Xabia Civil Guard needs more guards to patrol the streets. Mr MAYOR CHULVI ask Marlaska for more officials for the Civil Guard.

    • Jose A Monforte Ponseti says:

      you have every reason
      Meanwhile the head of the municipal police and some of his police are going to a conference in Belgium.
      And here's the house to do, seen what we've seen, they don't give a shit. They only care about being in the photo, what good is a talk in Europe for our town if they don't know how to clean their house. Robberies and more robberies, the police here go to other locations. This Yes. Absolute silence on this topic
      In javea chulvi is lucky that there is no opposition
      The municipal workforce in Javea has decreased by more than 40% since the Socialists began the local misrule

  4. Vecino says:

    Then in Fitur the City Council boasts and sells how one of the safest towns in the Valencian community without knowing what it has.
    But since they only have eyes on Sorollas, Rates and Restrictions, they do not see the real problems of Jávea and then they backfire.

  5. Esther Eternal Exposito says:

    Well, I think Chulvi is very concerned about this issue, right?


    (Imagine laughter to infinity)

  6. Jose A Monforte Ponseti says:

    Not a few months ago, insecurity in urbanizations has been going on for years, especially the monrtgo area.
    What do you expect if most nights there is only one patrol of the civil guard for all of Javea and Benitachell.
    But the worst are the laws, they arrest someone but that same day they are free

  7. It is what it is says:

    Let's see, the safety of the citizens of Jávea is not a priority for Chulvi, the one with the little brown jacket.

    Sorolla, Poseidonia and things of Equality is what prevails in this council of the incapable.

    Keep up the good work, voting for null people is a matter of logic:

    I vote shit, I have shit.

  8. Ignacio says:

    «The robberies in several homes and in different areas of Xàbia have set off the alarms among the neighbors. Unfortunately, it is usual that on holidays, taking advantage of the owners leaving their homes to spend the day, thieves take advantage of the moment to break into the homes and appropriate what belongs to others..."......interesting when most of the the properties are empty throughout the year, how do you know where they live and where they don't? How do you know when it is time for the owners to leave the house? Don't you think you have too much direct information?

    • Ignacio says:

      By observing, with that they can know everything that you ask. But the problem is not that if not the slight consequences that stealing can have for the thief and the burdens that defending her property can entail for the victim.

      • Ignacio says:

        Yes, observing, but these groups of thieves are small, how come they have so many eyes? I verify that we are called the same Ignacio.

        • Ignacio says:

          With all the time in the world to spend watching and preparing robberies, because those people won't do anything else, imagine. As you suggest, it is possible that they receive information from third parties in the form of tips, as unfortunately happens in many other areas of the national geography.
          Yes and I see that in addition to the name we share an interest in this and other matters related to Xàbia, Ignacio. Sincerely.

        • IgnacioG says:

          Thank you for answering Ignacio. From now on I will use another username IgnacioG. That way we can differentiate ourselves. All the best.

  9. position says:

    So all those people who jump fences at the border attacking police officers with hooks do not respect private property? Those who come from high-crime areas and enter without filters, to join the thieves we already had and to whom we did NOTHING to them, do they not behave?

    I remember a junkie that we have around here that every time they take her out of the barracks she goes back into several houses. And nothing, listen, not a consequence. The most, if one day someone gives her the blow she deserves, they will condemn him and he will have to compensate her for life.

    Oh justice.

    PS: Podemitas hyenas complicit in the situation barking in 3,2,1…

    • Ignacio says:

      Fear is one of the methods of control exercised over us by the partitocracy that we have in Spain. And the strainer we have in the south of our country comes in handy for the politicians who govern.

    • dafus says:

      In addition to that junkie there are now many families in Jávea without work.
      Necessity causes many people to steal.
      Now that we are a city of blocks, every year more, we will suffer an increase in robberies in homes, in the streets and enjoy the Latin gangs, that no one forgets.
      On the other hand, with this government of pusillanimous we are managed.
      But beware! The important thing is not the safety of the citizens, it is other things, I don't know which ones, but it is clear that our safety is not something that matters to those clear minds that govern us.

      • Juan García Patiño says:

        There is no need for the excuse of lack of work because they don't want it, they are already organized to do what they know how to steal best and they know very well that they are not going to receive the punishment they deserve because our governments have turned us into a country of papanatas and our justice close to the silly soup the first.

      • Ignacio says:

        Dafus, are you saying that those who steal are locals who have lost their jobs? Hahahahaha your comment is terrible.