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Several dancers from Xàbia manage to be the best in Europe in the Dance Championship

August 01 from 2022 - 13: 19

This past weekend, the 'All Dance Continental Europe 2022' Dance Championship took place in Italy. The main dance schools in Europe participated in it and representing Spain there was a school from Xàbia, Footworks Jávea.

As we already announced in April 2021, 'two residents of Xàbia would represent Spain in the World Dance Championship', in Orlando, but it could not be carried out due to the COVID situation. Thus, the organization created, a couple of months ago, a European-level comxicotetion in Rome (Italy), which was held this past weekend.

The two young national winners of the previous contest traveled there, Melissa Duley and Chloe Jenkins, along with their teacher, Elena, and new classmates from the dance academy.

The group from Xàbia, representative of Spain, obtained a total of 11 prizes for the 12 dances they performed, being the following:

Soloists (Individual Dance):

  • Chloe Jenkins: 1st in one dance and 2nd place in another
  • Melissa Duley: 3rd
  • Lexi Gould: 2nd
  • Ana Robles: 2nd
  • Moon Zubizarreta: 2nd

Duos (As a couple):

  • Melissa Duley & Lily - Bleu Tagane: 3rd
  • Camila Pelayo & Laila Shaw: 1st


  • Ana Robles, Melissa Duley & Chloe Jenkins: 1st

In a group:

  • Burlesque (Luna Zubizarreta, Chloe Jenkins, Lily-Bleu Tagane, Melissa Duley, Camila Pelayo, Ana Robles, Laila Shaw): 1st
  • River (Lexi Gould, Melissa Duley, Chloe Jenkins, Ana Robles, Luna Zubizarreta, Lily-Bleu Tagane): 3rd
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  1. Irene says:

    Fantastic. Congratulations Elena and students. 🥳🥳