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A burger from Xàbia opts to be the best in Spain

February 14 from 2024 - 10: 01

The 'Best Burger Spain' Contest is back, the best burger in Spain 2024. This is the fourth edition, and the number of participating establishments continues to grow year after year, reaching 350. On this occasion, and for the second consecutive year, a Xàbia hamburger restaurant is presented at this national event.

This is Bang Bang Burguer Jávea, located on Avenida d'Ausias March 4, location B; and its gastronomic proposal is 'La Bambola Burger'. Arugula, fried eggplant, sautéed cherry tomatoes, 160 grams of chuck veal, roasted eggplant sauce with pesto and Parmesan flakes are the intensely flavored ingredients with which it competes to be the best in the country. This creation is inspired by traditional Italian cuisine as an ode to the Mediterranean woman.

The dynamic of the contest is none other than the customer voting for that burger. From February 1 to March 3, you can vote on the website the best burger among all the candidates. To do this, every time one of the stores makes a sale of a competing hamburger, they will deliver with it a voting card so that the customer with a code can enter it on the website if they want to rate it. That is, only those who have tasted them will be able to choose their favorite.

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