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A breakdown leaves a large number of inhabitants in Xàbia without water

20 July 2022 - 17: 35

The municipal water company of Jávea, AMJASA, informs, through social networks, that around 16:00 p.m. today, Wednesday, there has been a breakdown in the main pipe that comes from the header tank located in the Camí Vell de Gata area.

As a result of this incident, a significant number of subscribers in the northwest area of ​​Xàbia have been left without supply and there are pressure problems in a large part of the network.

Operators are already working in the area trying to isolate the sector to restore supply as soon as possible.

  1. javiense says:

    Thanks to those plumbers, who are quickly there to guarantee the supply. !!!!!

  2. Thanks a lot. says:

    It is clear that many more Balenciaga exhibitions must be held, it is the way to go.
    Every time I have it clearer.
    Thanks Chulvi, always there pulling the car, thanks.

    • From here says:

      And while they and they, mayor, councilmen and councilors, something more than ridiculous parades in an offering of Moors and Christians. Chulvi with a perched smile, greeting four clappers. of laughter

      • Xabiero says:

        Yours is fireworks, when a meteorite falls, it will also be Chulvi, Xabia, etc.. right?
        Feuseu look at this maralts, in fi haters.