A total of 72 kilos of waste collected by the students of the Port of Xàbia with the campaign 'Quin fàstic de plàstic' in the Playa de la Grava

72,366 kilos. This figure is the total waste collected by the students of the Port de Xàbia School as part of the cleaning campaign 'Quin fàstic de plàstic'. In just four days, the amount of plastic, glass, organic remains, paper and cigarette butts collected in the area of ​​the Grava beachIt is alarming. In fact, on the third day of cleaning they removed 22 kilos of construction material and tree debris.

All the students of the school have participated in this initiative since it is a commitment of the center to take care of our environment. An objective that became part of the Oceanogràfic Foundation project, 'Message in a Bottle' and that will continue to be done in the next school year.

This clean-up campaign is an awareness-raising action for the public since our environment and the sea in particular contain a high level of contamination due to the carelessness of the people. The students of the CEIP Port of Xàbia started this project last April 15 with the first day of cleaning in which they collected a total of 12,110 kg of waste (plastic: 4,835 kg, organic: 5.285 kg, glass: 8,55 kg, paper: 305 gr and butts: 830 gr).

On the second day of cleaning in the Grava beach, carried out the 6 of May, and in which also participated the smallest, that is, the entire cycle of early childhood education Port de Xàbia, with volunteers. The quantity collected was 1,845 kg of plastic, 8,815 kg of organic, 300 gr of glass, 140 gr of paper and 170 gr of butts. In total 11,270 kg of waste.

Despite the initiative to clean these school children and teachers it seems incredible, that in each day they continue collecting a greater amount of waste. And it is that, only 15 days after the second, the 20 of May, in the third cleaning, the total was of 38.805 kg. This time the students of the first cycle of primary and volunteering participated, thanks to your action they eliminated from the vicinity of the sea: 7,265 kg of plastic, 6,250 kg of organic, 2,375 kg of glass, 840 gr of paper and 85 gr of butts Also, he had deposited on the beach, building remains and branches, which meant a total of 22 kilos.

But the commitment to take care of the environment of the Port de Xàbia center continues forward. The bell Quin plastic fàstic launched, on Monday, 10 June, his last cleanup this school year. It was a point and followed to this work that will continue during again from September.

With the last waste collection (Plastic: 1,625 kg, Organic: 6,150 kg, Glass: 1,540 kg, Paper 680 gr, Butts 175 gr), the total amount of waste removed during the four days amounts to 72,366 kg. Now, Playa de la Grava, presents a cleaner image thanks to the work and involvement of the Port de Xàbia center and the people who have come to collaborate. Now, the Gravel Beach breathes with 72 less kilos of human waste.

From the school appreciate the collaboration of all volunteers and it is expected that after the summer, citizens have had more awareness and the amount collected in the next few days have lower figures.

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Comments on "A total of 72 kilos of waste collected by the students of the Port of Xàbia with the campaign 'Quin fàstic de plàstic' in the Playa de la Grava"


  1. Ai, miguelín:

    "... And so it will not be necessary to throw things on the ground" Unfortunately Miguel, you justified that people behave in an uncivil way. If you go to the beach I do not have a trash can nearby you keep the cigarette butt in a napkin, turned off in a bag, wherever you want. And then if you want claims or complaints to the City Council or make a sitting of fifteen days. But you don't justify people throwing things away. Regrettable.

  2. Miquel Strogoff:

    Congratulations, see if the town hall puts more bins around the town and so you do not have to throw things on the ground ..

    • Erika:

      Miquel, there are many paper mills, although, in fact, many more are missing. What I would recommend to the City is to check many of the bins that have an ashtray included, that ashtray has the metal top (good) and the plastic bottom (fatal), so if you throw a cigarette butt, the background burns (and sometimes the bin also) and is useless. I do not know to what privileged mind it occurred to him to make an ashtray with a plastic bottom! Containers are also missing in some places, but it must be recognized that the City Council does not have enough to clean up, it is impossible to do so if a lot of people are incivil and, why not say it, bitches, throw their garbage anywhere, even if they have a container or a wastebasket to 50 meters. And not just rubbish: old furniture, remains of works, plastics of all kinds, etc., etc. As a member of the Xàbia group among tots I can assure you that, after the cleanups we have done all over Jávea, the City Council has actively collaborated in removing the tons of garbage we have collected, which we sincerely thank you for. You can check it if you enter the Facebook page of this volunteer organization. What you have to do is have education and civility, and, if necessary, fine private individuals or companies that do not follow basic rules of respect for others. It would not be necessary to clean if people did not get dirty!

  3. Erika:

    Congratulations to all the schools that promote these initiatives! I was in one of the pickups and you have to see how well all the kids did it, it was nice to see them and help as much as possible with these cleanings. Let's see if, at last, people are aware and do not throw plastics or garbage into the sea, nor in the countryside or on any street. The most important thing is not to have to collect, but to not mess up the whole environment.


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