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A thousand cigarette butts in just one hour: the cleanest beach thanks to students from Xàbia

03 2023 April - 17: 24

El Club Náutico Jávea, the Ecomar Foundation and Coca Cola, through their Mares Circulares project, organized a day to clean the coast that surrounds the Duanes neighborhood, an activity that combines awareness-raising on the part of the foundation's technicians as well as civic action itself voluntary cleaning, carried out by about 80 students from the Port de Xàbia School.

The day began with the concentration of schoolchildren from the educational center of the Duanes neighborhood in the facilities of the Sailing School, and a small talk by the staff of the Foundation about the importance of recycling from home, of depositing each waste its container and that it is the little ones who have to set an example in all the homes, but also when going to the beach and not leaving the waste but saving it to throw it into the containers when they return home.

Later accompanied by the staff of the Foundation, the Sailing School of the Jávea Yacht Club and their teachers, the schoolchildren were divided between the two breakwaters of the port, and the Grava beach to collect the waste. Among them, more than 1.000 cigarette butts and another 64 kilos of other remains that were separated and deposited in nearby containers by the staff of the Sailing School.

After the weigh-in, the schoolchildren (from grades 3,4, 5 and XNUMX of primary school) received various gifts, the Ecomar Foundation logbook, a XNUMX% recyclable Coca Cola bag and a bottle of sun cream.

Finally, everyone was able to get closer to one of the patrol boats of the Maritime Service of the Provincial Command of Alicante, which was docked at the fishing pier. The students got on the surveillance boat and, hand in hand with the staff, learned what their role is in maritime surveillance.

  1. Manuel Andres says:

    Any altruistic and effective collaboration with beach cleaning services should be applauded. It is essential that it be accompanied by environmental education. Congratulations on the initiative and the young students. And of course society, all of us, must "inform" those who litter the beaches with cigarette butts, etc., in addition to maintaining and increasing legal sanctions. We cannot, we must not, never let our guard down.

  2. Milagros Uriarte says:

    Hello Luis, I have cleaned the beach many times and collected cigarette butts. The bad habit of the smokers who walk is to throw the butt to the other side of the parapet, to the beach. Even the parking lot of the Primer Montañar is a butt. It is very good for children to pick up the butts, because that way they will learn what not to do, they are also capable of reprimanding older people for doing it.

    • Luis says:

      Yes, I agree with everything but I am asking a very specific question. That beach would have to be clean and maintained since the end of last season due to the cleaning services that we all pay for, that volume collected would have to be much less. Don't municipal services clean and maintain the beaches? The education of children is something else, they can be used this summer to raise awareness among tourists, don't you think? Free.

  3. erica says:

    Congratulations to these students! I sincerely congratulate you, since also, as a member of the group of volunteers «Jávea, I love you. Clean”, we have done a lot of garbage and cigarette butt collection. And I am a smoker, but I carry a small ashtray in my bag and I keep my butts there, I have never thrown any on the ground. If you don't have an ashtray handy, you put out the cigarette butt and keep it in your pocket or in the tobacco package itself, tucked between the plastic wrapper and the cardboard of the pack, it doesn't cost anything and then you throw it away at home at trash. Easy right? And the plastics, cans and other waste, to the bins or containers, that there is always some nearby, and not to the ground. Will people ever know?