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A young man is injured by jumping into the sea from a prohibited area in the Arenal

August 10 from 2019 - 10: 08

On Friday afternoon, a young 17 year old was injured when he launched into the sea from a prohibited diving zone in the Playa del Arenal. Red Cross lifeguards had warned him on several occasions that this practice is prohibited and its risk.

According to sources from the surveillance service, the boy presented a fractured right shoulder after jumping head from an approximate height of 2 meters. He was treated at first by the lifeguard of the proximity chair, immobilized on a stretcher and evacuated to the ambulance and the Red Cross rescue vehicle.

From the City Council and Red Cross they remember the importance of paying attention to the indications of the lifeguards and informative posters.

1 Comment
  1. Jesus Boada says:

    Who breaks pay, if you are an unconscious and have been warned verbally as with posters and do what is not due; Well, in addition to what you do you pay for the lifeguard service, hospital and what is generated by your imprudence. All taxpayers should not bear "nonsense."

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