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A story by the villager Empar Ferrer brings children closer to 'El secreto de la pansa'

08 December 2018 - 01: 48

The journalist and poet, Empar Ferrer, will present her latest book, The secret of the pansa, next Friday, December 14, 19: 00 hours, in the Library of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell.

The story, edited by El Bullent and Poblero City Council, and illustrated by Cristina Durán, pays homage to the Escaldà of the raisin, already declared BIC (Property of Intangible Cultural Interest), and discover to children and adolescents the agricultural past of the Marina Alta. The book is also in Spanish version.

Ferrer has built a story in which feelings guide the journey of the characters. Through a trip of Diana, the protagonist, who starts in Manchester, arrives at the Marina Alta, at the time of the pass. The story takes a tour of the different places in the region where the business and tradition of the raisin was centered, the ritual of l'escaldà.

The transfer of the port of Dénia, the Mediterranean sea, the riuraus, the dry stone margins (now declared a World Heritage Site), the Magatzem dels anglesos, the mask of the pailebote pasero Pepe Tono (which is currently in the Soler Blasco Museum of Xàbia), the manor house of the Sultana de Xàbia and the Church of Poble Nou de Benitatxell, are some of the most emblematic places that appear in this history, a story in which the agricultural miracle is discovered.

“I was very seduced to recover such a fascinating period of the Marina Alta as is the splendor of the raisin trade and collect these landscapes that are our history. This story wants to discover to the new generations that effervescent era with a very visual format that will help spread our heritage and make it reach future generations " , says the author Empar who also thanks the previous Councilor for Education, Myra Van't Hoff, for supporting this project and the current Councilor for Education, Children and Youth, Jorge Pascual, for having completed it.

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