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Three restaurants in Xàbia are part of the new gastronomic guide 'Menjar bé!'

January 27 from 2021 - 12: 21

The Central Comarcas of the Valencian Community (Marina Alta and Baja, La Safor, el Comtat, l'Alcoià, Vall d'Albaida and La Costera) -defined by the botanist Joan Pellicer as Diània due to their unique characteristics-, group a group of cities and small towns that have maintained a substratum of popular wisdom and preserved a set of social, ethical and moral values ​​that, in the large capitals, have been lost. Its cultural roots, the way of eating and cooking and the way of understanding food production have turned this territory into a gastronomic benchmark that is committed to local products, sustainability and healthy cooking as hallmarks of a diet. aware.

This is the axis of the Guide of Menjar bé! Central Counties, a guide published in Valencian and Spanish, that takes a leisurely walk through places and corners that preserve inherited culinary treasures, work the fruits of their environment in the kitchens or opt for new and more beneficial options. Its pages, in addition to collecting the debate on the present and future of culinary activity linked to local products as the basis of a sustainable economy, offer a complete selection of restaurants that prepare their menu with the availability of local resources and prepare their own dishes with quality products and "facts next to home" knowing the uniqueness and value that this signifies.

Xàbia's recommendations

Among the pages of this guide, there are three restaurants in Xàbia: BonAmb, Tula and Volta i Volta. Three gastronomic places that take care of the elaboration of their careful cuisine in detail.

De BonAmb highlights the glamorous gastronomic offer of its chef Alberto Ferruz. Of Round and round points out the originality and good preparation of the dishes as well as the sensitivity and taste in the pairing of the wines.

Finally, Menjar bé! refers to Tula, "Borja and Clara are the tip of the great iceberg that works for an authentic and quality gastronomy".

Its author, the Valencian Alfred Martínez, a professional in the communication and publishing of gastronomic publications, has reflected his passion for cooking and for the cultural heritage that local gastronomy represents in this guide, counting on the invaluable collaboration of a large number of group of renowned communicators, cooks, producers and catering professionals who today live and work in the Central Regions of Valencia.

"I think that the entire Diànic territory undoubtedly represents, as a whole, a very unique and first-rate food and gastronomic production power. With this I want to make it clear that we have to believe more in the value of what is ours, we have always I thought that the one from outside was better, but it is not like that, practicing love for our own would be very good for us, without reaching chauvinism, but getting close enough. We have the example in the Marina Alta, a region that has made of his love for the land and its products a workhorse that has begun to bear fruit "says Martinez.

Menjar bé! Central Counties It also includes the best restaurants with native cuisine, one-on-one experiences with ranchers, farmers and wine producers, premium oils, cheeses or sausages that offer products obtained with the maximum respect for nature. In short, a complete vision of a territory that has a large group of artisans capable of forming a top-quality pantry that is committed to a conscious and sustainable diet.

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