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The story of three crimes that occurred in Xàbia will be part of the programming of 'Xàbia Negra'

25 October 2022 - 15: 49

The Xàbia Negra Festival will celebrate its fifth edition from November 4 to 6 with an extensive program of activities focused on crime novels. Meeting with writers, talks, cinema and the Criminala award are some of the outstanding acts of this festival.

The writer, Alicia Jiménez Bartlett, will receive the La Criminala award on Sunday, November 6, for her extensive literary career. The creator of Petra Delicado has published 24 novels, in addition to 2 essays, and she has received a dozen literary awards, including the 2015 Planeta Award for Naked Men. The president is her latest novel, published this year, which plunges into the sewers of Valencian political corruption through a character who has great parallels with Rita Barberá, former mayor of Valencia who died under strange circumstances in 2016.

Xàbia, true crime territory

In addition to the well-known murder of La Criminala, which gives its name to the prize of this festival, there are other more recent crimes that have also occurred in Xàbia in recent years, and even in this century. Teresa Domínguez, head of events for the Levante-EMV newspaper, will tell three crimes that occurred in the municipality of Xàbia. An unbeatable opportunity to learn about the most recent black chronicle of the town.

On the other hand, and among the scheduled activities is the 'Writers with four hands' event, where
there will be the opportunity to learn about the work of two pairs of writers who have been able to produce several novels with two hands. They are Vicente Garrido and Nieves Abarca.

But during the three days there will also be a battle of writers, book clubs, noir monologue, live music and express short films. You can check the complete schedule at this link.

  1. Jaume says:

    Hi Anonymous, I've been living here for many, many years (and although I'm older, I don't have a bad memory) and this town is now more humane, more transparent and closer to people than it was in the crazy 90s. Now, for example, I don't have five a thousand cars parked in the mountains and a motorway by the sea, but a pedestrian lane and open views. Now, for example, the coves no longer collapse with cars and access is as it should be: regulated. Now, for example, jet skis don't enter (or they shouldn't) in sea caves and buoys have been placed for posidonia. Now, for example, when things get ugly due to a pandemic, a lot of public money is put in (and I'm glad!) for companies. Now, for example, where I live has better sidewalks and a new parking lot. Now, for example, I have not heard a single founded accusation of corruption in the mayor and his councilors. Now, for example, culture is scheduled every week and it is a pleasure. What do I know… yes, that I would prefer that we had grown less and that our nature had been better preserved, but putting everything in the balance…. we are better

    • Anonymous says:

      I'm glad for all that, it's as it should be but we have an entire neighborhood (Arenal) forgotten, lack of sewage, lack of health center, institute and library, it has floods, there are no cultural events there, in the port los righteous and in Thiviers and Freginal nothing, urbanizations where people pay more IBI than we do not even have electricity, in Thiviers until a few months ago only the street where the mayor has the apartment had LED lighting, we have a bus line that we need to pass, at least, every half hour, 365 days a year so that people who don't have their own vehicle have more chances of being accepted for a job, I know people who work in nightclubs and walk back and forth at those times, we have young students and athletes who they are 10 having to go to other municipalities to be able to study and practice their sport because there are none here, I tell you from the bottom of my heart that I agree with everything you have said but we need to stop surviving on investment er with what we get in the summer, all this goes far beyond what we see with the naked eye, if only the bus thing were done, job offers would increase, imagine if everything and more were done that I have not written so as not to do it longer, people would come to work, study and play sports instead of just partying and drinking. A few months ago it was boasted that the city council had millions in the coffers, what good is it to us that they have millions in the coffers if they don't invest that money to fix the municipality?

      • Jaume says:

        Hello, having an institute does not depend on the City Council, but rather it is a regional competence. As a library, a town the size of Xàbia cannot afford to have three (you will not see that ratio anywhere), especially when they are little used (I am a user; if we see each other one day, it will be a pleasure to invite you to a coffee). I don't know, the rest… let's see… Thiviers i el Freginal, I almost assimilate them to the Historic Center, they are actually two streets away. And the Port... has little atmosphere.
        In short, I think that everything can be improved, without a doubt. But I like living here. And I like it more now than when everything was a "bollit" of interests and accusations. Now at least there is peace.
        Pleasure discussing with you.

  2. Nerea says:

    The culture has to continue, there are people working all year long for it to be that way, and recognizing those people is also a gift for them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Man, there have not been only three or four crimes in the municipality, there have been more and if we also count those of the Civil War (which are also crimes) I won't even tell you anymore but come on, having someone without studies as mayor is also a crime

  4. Jaume says:

    Well, I and many people love that Xàbia has such a good festival and being able to see the authors, talk about books or watch movies and plays. And by the way that gives a new incentive to the people in November.

    But come on, nothing, that the band of the hemlock can continue to do your thing.

    • neighbor says:

      In my house we are very happy that you are well Jaume.

    • Anonymous says:

      That people complain does not mean that they do not like it, in my opinion everything is aimed at the fact that for urgent things there is no money and for this yes, I mean, that it is not a good time for this, I also love these things but I also think that spending money on it and that the municipality is sad to see is not the best thing, it is just an opinion

      • Jaume says:

        I disagree with that. I believe, on the one hand, that investment in culture is as necessary as in other aspects (not only for those who attend the events, but also to encourage nearby businesses during a low season weekend like November); On the other hand, part of a false idea: what is spent here is not spent on something else. It is not correct because each area has its own budget. It is not "removed" from anywhere to make Xàbia Negra, but the budget that the Department of Culture already had is optimized.
        Lastly, I absolutely do not agree that this town is "pitying" to see. I am very proud of Xàbia. Things to improve? Without a doubt, but painting everything black is a lie that repeating it a thousand times does not become reality.

        • Anonymous says:

          I give you the reason about the budgets and although Xàbia is not all bad, after so many years knowing the municipality and seeing how it was before and how it is now does sadden the view and, unfortunately, for someone to act, the things like that or that, directly, a misfortune happens because if you go good and polite they take you for a fool and ignore you and I say this from experience

  5. you have to have them square says:

    What is this guy up to?
    Shame of others in abundance.

  6. Curiosity says:

    Do we know anything about the police, the sewage system, the auditorium, the necessary works for the first montar and such?

    • Erika says:

      Do you expect an answer? Sit down, at least you'll be more comfortable waiting. And I also ask: is there anything known about the issuer, which continues to release all its garbage a little further than before, but without a definitive fix? I am also waiting.

  7. Amazed says:

    With the one that is falling and Chulvi, photograph the song. The hearing can wait. But what are you missing in that photo. of laughter