Three students of Vicente Tena are awarded for their excellent academic performance

In the 30 Resolution of September of 2019, of the General Directorate of Educational Innovation, he granted three Extraordinary Prizes in academic performance of Primary Education corresponding to the 2017 / 2018 course. This award is a way of publicly recognizing the effort that deserves to be recognized by the educational community as a result of the good results obtained in relation to their own circumstances and the dedication of
the students who have successfully completed the stage.

The winning students are Juan Antonio Hidalgo Sánchez, Laura Pascual Palencia and Joana Segarra Martínez. The awarded students will receive a diploma for excellence in academic performance issued by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, which will be delivered in an academic event organized for this purpose. Likewise, the educational center will record obtaining the award in the academic record and in the student's academic record through a specific diligence.

Also, five other students will receive an honorable mention for their performance: Rodayna Abdoun Daiday, Sofía Climent Malonda, Yosra Marssou Sghiar, Juan Pablo Castaño Arias, Camila Fernández León.

From the center they congratulate all the winners, their families and the teaching staff who have actively participated in the school life of this student body.

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    Congratulations to the winning students and their families. It represents a great personal satisfaction and exemplary effort for the rest of the students, not forgetting that the winners for school performance (average grade for all 10 subjects) is recorded in their school record.


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