Toni Pomera donates about 8.000 photographs to the Xàbia Archive
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Toni Pomera donates about 8.000 photographs to the Xàbia Archive

May 27 from 2024 - 11: 44

Antonio Catalá Soler, better known as Toni Pomera, has donated to the'Archive of Xàbia nearly 8.000 photographs related to the festivities and daily life of the municipality, snapshots that span from 1986 to 2000.

Image: Photography by Toni Pomera

Toni Pomera and Vicent Ferrer themselves formalized the donation a few days ago, with the municipal archivist, Juanjo Mas and the Councilor for Culture And parties, Mavi Pérez.

This is Pomera's own personal photographic collection, a collection that includes each and every one of the people who in one way or another participated in the festivities, regardless of whether it was a commission or not.

There were thousands of Xabieros portrayed over 14 years, and thanks to the great digitization work carried out by Vicent Ferrer and this donation, they are now available to all residents, in the Xàbia Municipal Archive.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good morning, I wanted to ask that you please make an archive website where all the images, videos, documents, etc. appear. that they have in the archive, I do not live in Xàbia and I would love to be able to see everything they have, I have been making a family tree for 8 years and I have very little information about my ancestors from Xàbia, since, as I was told, the ecclesiastical records were burned . If someone is interested in creating their family tree to learn more about their ancestors, I use the familysearch page, it has the most digitized records, it is free to access them and they frequently add more, it has a website and a mobile application. All the best.