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TETMA (Environmental Treatments and Treatments) is the waste and cleaning company of the Simetry group which is responsible for waste management in Xàbia. Year after year, TEMA has been expanding its activities related to waste treatment.

TETMA's activity focuses on comprehensive management of the waste cycle, from initial collection to treatment, as well as street cleaning, interior cleaning, beach cleaning and other special cleanings.

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In TETMA there are sensitized to prevent pollution derived from its activity. That is why the impacts generated such as noise, spills and waste generated by the activities they carry out are controlled and reduced.

For this company, which works nationwide, the commitment to innovation, sustainability and energy efficiency are the fundamental working principles.

TETMA Services

Collection of urban solid waste: offers comprehensive services to municipalities using the most efficient and safe mechanical and material means on the market.

Street cleaning: The state of cleanliness of a city's streets and squares is essential because it is the image it projects to the outside. At TETMA they study the cleaning needs of streets, squares and avenues of each of them, making a work plan adapted to the routines of each population and its citizens.

Building cleaning: The cleaning of buildings, both interior and exterior, is essential for the conservation, protection and maintenance of facilities, whether public or private.

En TETMA takes care of each municipality, optimizing cleaning, making its neighbors live every day in a cleaner and more environmentally friendly city.


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