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«I have Jávea in my solitude»

19 September 2023 - 07: 04

I think Antonio Machado inspired me because of my beloved Jávea as if it were a breakup. In his heart he had the thorn of a passion. I managed to tear it off one day: I can't feel my heart anymore. It is a way of explaining the emptiness and suffering that being away from Jávea causes me as if it were a love breakup.

Doubts torment me, living and thinking about it is a dream, but it is still better to wake up hugging Jávea. My life in this beautiful villa is an illusion, a passion. It is a life in constant restlessness searching for happiness, light, peace, waiting for the sweet breeze that sends me from its Bay to refloat the beats of my heart, which needs the breath of the sailor sails that fly the sweetness with which my spirit is fed.

My hours and days of instance are seconds or minutes, while the wait becomes centuries when I am far away. I still don't know why. I ignore it. One day I hope to find out before death surprises me. Whenever I visit her I think about how much she gives me and how little I give her in return, although I am interested in offering her the best of myself. And I live in the hope that the Almighty will reveal to me the secrets for which he placed - when he created the Earth -, what motivated him to drop this precious jewel under the outstanding dawns that show its charming
Nature. (Spiritual mysteries that escape human thought).

If now I cannot understand why he endowed it with so many beauties together, I live in the hope that he will explain it to me with a divine breath so that from heaven I continue to fall in love, and my spirit receives the reward of enjoying it in the glorious mansion. And I will explain to you that I will continue sending you heavenly rays so that Xàbia lives making its inhabitants fall in love with it, its visitors and all those who have the fortune of knowing it. Perhaps the clumsiness of my old brain, already hollow and empty, consists in aspiring to live loving it without measure to enjoy it as long as health accompanies me to live next to it for many years. For me, his teaching is a source of inspiration that brings together and sharpens not only my ingenuity and intellect, but also activates my ancient neuronal cells to lavish praise on its beauties and satisfy the spirit with moving emotional sensations such as its incomparable sunrises and sunsets (ortho and sunset), its microclimate, its sea, its mountains and that set of wonders that make up the spectacular Mediterranean luminosity of this incomparable Alicante town.

Now that the summer season is over and I have to leave for a season - which I hope will be brief -, do not doubt it, I have the loneliness of my beloved Xàbia engraved in my heart.

Juan Legaz Palomares.

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  1. Anke Will-Leinhoß says:

    Wunderschön geschrieben. Javea is also my Lieblingsort.