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Tasca La Rebotica

Calle San Bartolome, 6 See map
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Tasca La Rebotica Javea


Calle San Bartolome, 6 -

    Fevrier et Mars 2016. A place to know, really.
    Après avoir flâné dans les ruelles de la vieille ville de Javéa desquelles transpirent maintes périodes d'une histoire humaine who rises loin dans celle des hommes, arrêtez vous à Tasca La Rebotica. Vous and trouverez aux heures espagnoles des opportunites de revisions qui marqueront votre sejour in the region. Car on and mange très bien et pour un prix modique if l'on considers that tout and est découverte et quasiment gastronomique. Ici est cultivated l'art des tapas, les vraies tapas, celles qui suivent les saisons.
    J'y ai aussi met a divine bouteille d'un vin de Priorat dont mon palais se souvient encore.
    The whole thing gives a décor to comme the rolls that amènent là et c'est bien ainsi car quelques tables suffisent pour les large souvenirs that the accueil du patron you will lead to acquire. Environ deux cents meters de marche depuis the parking of the Plaza de la Constitucion Ça them vaut.

  2. Anxihua says:

    Good afternoon.

    Effectively. Some time ago I had a very, very unpleasant experience. We can not even sit down. We had a reservation from the previous day made. It seemed to be complicated tables and reservations (we were 6). With the best attitude in the world and patience 45 minutes later, I said with every intention of making things easier, if it could not be, that nothing was wrong and that it would return another day. Well there came the berraca. The same manner you described you, Rachel. He went behind the bar to the street behind me, insulted me, I cry and went like crazy. I kept walking without turning me. It has never happened to me in life anything like it. All this after going a thousand times and you have made them an a propaganda that now, and for quite a long time, logically goes in the other direction.

    Thank you for writing the comment Rachel. Like we agree unknowingly somewhere in Jávea where enjoy the treatment, education and hospitality glad that come into her home. And we, delighted to visit them and toil away money in your business.


  3. rachel says:

    our experience was disastrous. We were charged for two sauces that neither ended and a basket of bread with whole face of the world, ask the waiter, and we thought that was free as anywhere in Spain, tells us it was like VAT, we ask pq sheet claims that no thought was a silly excuse.
    so the owner came out and we started talking so vulgar and cockney, and that I had already paid and everything !! We did not want to give the complaint form and told us that if we had eaten, we had to pay, that there in javea was so and point mouth, gave long and told us to go the next day I now had no time for that, we were off and llamaos the police.
    It seems that they must have called and the partner of this came out, to give us a choice between the 3 euros or the claim sheet, it was too late to negotiate, that choni lady had treated us like shit, as it sounds! the sheet, but they put us in a continuous dining room so that no one would see us do it and when the police arrived they told them that we had left, the very disgusting ...
    Among all this, the owner kept insulting us and told us that 0 euros left at MacDonalds, which by the way their food was not more than tatty, and brave the devolvimo pq could not eat spicy they were, let all horrible, but we also had dinner on a secluded barrel and the dishes we ordered were only 3 that took over half an hour and one we had to return.
    Anyway, we left with the impression that this aunt was drugged or something, pq was not normal that face and that cockney form and so violently, when you have a restaurant, supposedly nice. We now know that no !!!
    Those who had at aldo also be quuejaron food and what it took, the fact is that this disgusting tia there will be dissuaded many people with their attitude slums, but we will put the claim and now deliver to consumer attention that they may have in mind.
    NO OS recommend going all the stink, and more the owner of this tuburio !!