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Suspended the Festivals of Loreto de Xàbia

May 09 from 2020 - 15: 20

The Commission of Festes Mare de Déu del Loreto has finally decided to suspend the 2020 festivities. The health crisis thus forces the cancellation of another festive event in Xàbia in order to avoid risks to public health and for the time being uncertainty of how the de-escalation will develop and how the announced new normality will be.

Thus, the festivities scheduled to start on August 22 and which were to run until September 8 are canceled this edition. We will have to wait until 2021 to be able to enjoy Les Festes de Duanes de la Mar again.

Communiqué from the Commission of Festes Mare de Déu del Loreto

The Commission of Festes Mare de Déu de Loreto has decided to SUSPEND the festivities of 2020 due to the current health emergencies and prevention and prudence.

The uncertain that existed at the voltant de com will result in the lack of confidence and the return to a normality that does not suppose a risc for public health, demanded solidarity, responsibility and collaboration of all the social agents; i això implies prendre decisions molts difficult, but logical and beneficial per a tots i totes a llarg terminai. L'empatia amb tots els sanitaris, els nostres majors, the most vulnerable people and, in short, the safety of people who enjoy our festivities every year; They must prevail per damunt of the three winners to celebrate at carrer amb tots els nostres veïns i veïnes.

The Commission will be coherent and take extreme precautions in order not to contribute to a spike in contagion. We cannot oblige what, one of the main components that have the festius acts, are the agglomerations of moltíssimes people. I això is one of the enemy pitjors to fight the virus. In the same way that the Comissió s'ha showed the Costa del Poble de Xàbia in so many altres ocasions, ara, més que mai, té que torir a fer-ho com col·lectiu del municipi.

It is disconnected with how the situation will evolve, but there is a license to the City Council to hold the 8th of September, Dia de la Mare de Déu de Loreto, with a local festival. From then on, we will begin to tremble for each other, on this day, to honor with respect to our patron saint guaranteeing the safety of all persons. Imagination and comboi mai ens have been missing, to be sure, we will advise adapting ourselves to the circumstances.

To Ana, Julián, Carolina, Francisco, Mabel, Fran, Pilar, Maria José i Sonia; Majorals i Majoralesses 2020; els debem tots els respectes com a futurs representatives de la festa i, per això, se'ls has obert la porta to continue amb la mateixa il·lusió i join the festive representation of l'any 2021 in the long-awaited 125 Anniversary of the festivities at the Mare de Déu de Loreto. An any that, among tots and totes, a unique, special and unforgettable farem. Per ganes it won't be!

Comissió, Majorals, regidoria de Festes, Parròquia i Penyes Marineres; ens sentim més units que mai despite the distance. Estem convençuts que la Mare de Déu de Loreto and the Santíssim Crist de la Mar are protecting us and interceding so that superem prompte i amb èxit, this complex situation.

Ens tornarem a vore, celebrate and raise ben fort:

Gràcies infinites per la compressió.

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