Subchampion of Spain for Moha Rida Younes in 5.000 outdoor master

The renewed track of the Emilio Vilagrasa de Sagunto was the scene of the Master Spain Championship, where the athletes of the Llebeig Athletics Club Xàbia, despite the strong heat, they managed to shine with their own light.

Moha Rida Younes continues to demonstrate the enormous quality that he treasures and his competitive nature, as he has been awarded the second place in the Spanish Master in the 5.000 race on the open air track. The time in line of goal of the athlete of the Athletics Club Llebeig Xàbia was of 15: 08, his personal best mark, which proves the extraordinary moment of form that crosses.

A race to block

Moha Rida made a great race running a first thousand to 3: 01, followed by a second thousand in which he maintained a high pace, moving to 3: 04. As of this step the race slowed down, registering in the third thousand a mark of 3: 07. The one of Xàbia knew to continue in the positions of head and passed the fourth thousand to 3: 04.

In the last thousand hostilities broke out and although he flew with 2: 52, he could not reach the first place achieved by Valladolid Isaac Rico, who won with a mark of 14: 43. Anyway, we must congratulate this splendid athlete who has climbed back to the second step of the podium in a national test.

He also participated in the 1.500 race, but the effort made in the previous race took its toll even though he struggled to get on the podium in a very tactical race until the last 100 meters. On this occasion, he could not do it but we must give an outstanding to what was done by this athlete in a national meeting.

This season is being very positive for Moha Rida who had already won in the XXIII Circuit a Peu Marina Alta.

Excellent role of Víctor Fernández

His partner, Víctor Fernández, finished in the 14 position of his category, with a time of 45: 16. An important mark since it is necessary to take into account that in a few days this athlete, from Llebeig Xàbia, will fulfill the 41 years and will change category.

In his career, Victor ran very well the first and last kilometer he did with a part of 3: 15. While in the second his part was 3: 22, the third to 3: 23 and the fourth kilometer was the slowest with 3: 25. Victor, always smiling, was very satisfied with his performance after the race.

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