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"Mrs. Mayor, why do I pay the IBI?

November 10 from 2023 - 00: 15

Dear, this is not a specific letter for you. It could perfectly be for the previous mayor. What difference does it make if none of them meet their legal obligations?

Taxes are fine, and the more we pay, the more income we have had and the more free services we are going to enjoy. I mean, good. Within them, the IBI has always seemed like the tax closest to the people, the most tangible, because it seemed like it is the one you pay to cover the basic daily needs of the town. In other words, we pay the IBI and the municipal managers give us services. It's what they call a Quid pro quo: I give something, my money, and you, the rulers, give me back essential services. That is, it is a contract.

The Local Regime Law obliges municipalities to provide, yes or yes (art. 26), the services of: public lighting, cemetery, waste collection, street cleaning, home supply of drinking water, sewage, access to urban centers. population and paving of public roads.

In municipalities with more than 5.000 inhabitants, in addition: a park, library and waste treatment. In municipalities with more than 20.000 inhabitants, in addition: Civil Protection, evaluation of social needs and immediate attention to people at risk of poverty or exclusion, prevention and extinguishing of fires and sports facilities for public use. Also (art. 25), the Town hall It must manage the police, urban public transportation and public health.

Well, having said that, and without just looking around, here is someone who is not fulfilling his part of the contract; and we are not the neighbors, who pay the IBI religiously. Because, where is there an urban bus that deserves that name? Where are storm tanks in the Saladar that ensure health? Where is the police, we don't see them patrolling except in the urban core? And we could question many other things: the garbage, which we have to go and deposit one or two kilometers away, or street cleaning, since we haven't seen a sweeper in years. Or water treatment, which is also charged twice, through another fee on the water bill. What is really missed, in a very good part of the town, are the basic elements so that we can say that we live in a civilized city, and not sub-Saharan.

Where my neighbors and I live, we do not have sidewalks, the streets are poorly paved, we do not have public lighting, we do not have sewage, therefore our gray water is not recycled, we do not have street cleaning,... Do we live in a community, or are these the characteristics of life in the open field?

Let's return to the Law - This provides (art. 18-g) that the neighbor has the right to demand the provision of the corresponding public service, which is mandatory, within municipal jurisdiction, and we do so from these pages of Xàbia.com. Paying, on average, 800 euros for nothing is not fair. For this reason, they forgive our debt and we pay to clean the grave, and we put light bulbs in our streets, etc.

We ask councilors of all acronyms to take their citizens, and their needs, more seriously, and fulfill the basics of their duties. Governing well requires having people cared for in the basics; Then, if that's the case, the festivals, the auditoriums, the Muslims or the Christians will come.

J. Maroto

  1. FRANCISCO says:

    The IBI writing is very good, but I wonder why it is coming out now when we have been like this for more than ten years? There are urbanizations without paving, without lighting, without street cleaning, without sewage and we continue paying the IBI. Even when

  2. Alexander says:

    Wir warten auch auf Antworten. Monatelang immerwieder schreiben wir die Stadtverwaltung an. Und dies seit Jahren.
    Der obere Straßenabschnitt der Calle Nicolas Lancret ist kaum noch befahrbar.
    Unsere Autos gehen ständig defekt: Autoreifen, Ölwannen, Achsen, Beschädigung der Karroserie durch Büsche die den Lack zerkratzen and und und…wir verlangen nicht viel. Keine asphaltierte Straße, aber dass jmd kommt um die Riesenkrater endlich auszubessern.

  3. Fool says:

    Chulvi, there is no statement from your party regarding these complaints. Little shame.

  4. Antoni says:

    The town is the center, the Port and the Paseig de l'Arenal.
    The rest are citizens of the second category and in the XNUMXst century they face neither tenim nor public illumination.

  5. Jose says:

    Totally agree
    We should all delay paying the IBI for a few months, it would be a small surcharge for the taxpayer but a brutal warning for the city council, which would run out of money

  6. Patricia c says:

    To add to the mix. The road from Saladar up Portixol has still not been cleared due to work from earlier in the year. Police cordons around trees! Are they coming down? Always rubbish up the road. Cars parked up the road from the new hotel making it impossible to walk or cycle safely. But, it must be ok as celebrities keep coming to stay so maybe I'm missing something. I'm amazed that they like the broken, scruffy pavements in Arenal which have been like that for years. Or not knowing where to walk from the Arenal to the port where so many have had near misses with bikes and scooters. Or, the disgraceful fair area opposite la Caixa instead of a peaceful shady green space in that whole area for people to enjoy instead of the crowded beach. Javea looks so neglected and unloved. She it's so very sad. Please council, live up to your tourist information.

  7. Fran says:

    Génova Street abandoned as you get closer to the sandy area, it must be that the town hall loses more efficiency... you must think that you can't see it or few people go to clean it.
    I do nothing but make complaints in the javea app for nothing.

    Where does the money go?

    • Andrés says:

      I live on Génova Street, behind the Villa Naranjos hotel, the neglect here is maximum. Potholes on the road, fecal water poured into the street, burst sidewalks, garbage, unclosed ditches, uncleaned palm trees, dog shit everywhere, construction fences for 5 years, double-parked cars, and a long etc.

      • Sonia says:

        Until the day someone from the city council goes to live in the area, that is Santo's hand.
        I tell you this because I have lived it, it was a blessing when someone from the city council came to live in my area.
        Pray in your area, miracles happen.

      • Genoese says:

        Génova Street has been unfinished since the time of Moragues, an expropriation must be carried out in the section next to Villanaranjos, of some properties that belong to a quite influential family. Chulvi has had 12 years to do it and was only able to approve the project to finish it on April 28, 2023 (one month before the elections). A project that was sold with great fanfare but was approved "only for technical purposes", without any type of budget allocation or anything.

  8. Pedro says:

    Malta Street, which is almost in the town, also pays IBI. There are no street sweepers, sewers or even a measly street lamp. Badly paved. It doesn't matter if the government is PSOE or PP. Nobody does anything. But the bills continue to be collected. Payment within the water receipt, the Valencian Generality tax for the treatment and expansion of the sewage network (EPSAR). But when the septic tank vacuum truck comes, I pay again. It is very sad!!!. We look like 2nd class citizens.

  9. J. Maroto says:

    Thanks for your comments. We should not forget these basic needs and continue demanding them: perhaps by writing letters to the mayor on duty, until it is acknowledged. Perhaps by boycotting the payment of the IBI.
    I don't know, the fact is that we really live in a town with two facades, that of the tourist and "How beautiful Jávea is, and that of those of us who live here all year round, who don't even have sewage, something so basic.

    • A.Rocha Suan says:

      You're right. I live in an expensive area of ​​Madrid and pay more IBI in Jávea for an apartment half the size in Jávea. How to get off, you say, what do they do with the money? Well, save it to continually celebrate. The week of the crosses, Saint Joseph, Moors and Christians, Virgin of Loreto, Bous al Mar are very good, but it cannot be that each celebration lasts 15 days! I come to Jávea every month to enjoy it, but it's hard to walk around without electricity and with uncollected garbage. I propose to start with a demonstration on August 3 in front of the mayor's office to protest the use of public money from the IBI. Maybe with the Javienses and 50.000 Madrileños and Valencians blocking the mayor's office they will listen to us!!
      Do not lose hope, we must continue to denounce as J Maroto has written. Congratulations

    • Jose says:

      I support the boycott

  10. Juan says:

    And what happens to the section of Avenida del Pla, between the Mas y Mas roundabout and the Consum roundabout, a street in the urban network of Jávea without lights, without sidewalks and a straight line where cars travel at more than 100 km /h.
    I have been asking for speed bumps on that stretch for years, the previous mayor Chulvi NI CASO. I told Rosa Cardona when she was in the opposition, she answered me kindly and personally that she would solve it if she became mayor. Well, now she is mayor and she does not answer my communications and DOES NOTHING LIKE EVERYONE.
    A shame, they come to power and forget everything they promised.

    • Andre says:

      Wij wonen al een paar jaar in piver.
      Hier is het zo schandalig no verlichting onkruid groeit door het asfalt en er wordt veel gebouwd waar zoveel overlast van geluid en dit soms 7 dagen per week. Er wordt dus ook niet gecontroleerd politie door. Waar gaan we naar toe gemeente sta op en doe jullie taken. Andrew

  11. paco says:

    Very good, magnificent writing by Mr. or mrs. Maroto. I ask anyone from the PSOE to send it to Mr. Chulvi. And to Mrs. Cardona, what work she has ahead of her to resolve the future and what the past has left her,

  12. r says:

    In addition to fixing Atenas Street, it's time, you could consider using the settlement to make a macro park or build a golf course, you have plenty of money for the amount that must be collected by IBI from so many chalets where it goes

  13. María says:

    I totally agree, I want to and pay my taxes but I expect something in return, I expect a walk along Avenida del Mediterráneo that is passable and beautiful, however we have it full of light poles and high voltage cables without a clearly defined place where to go. walks, where the bicycles and scooters go... And if it is defined it is not respected.
    We have a vacant lot in the North canal without urbanization, with a dirt road where branches and garbage have accumulated for months. The list can be very long.
    When we go to Jávea we want a beautiful Jávea and that our investment is worth it

  14. jesus gonzalez says:

    Mayor, we pay and we pay well. We still have Atenas Street without lights, without sidewalks, quite dirty and we send our children to Arenal at night through an area where there is no lighting and it causes panic.
    Atenas Street supports all the access traffic to Saladar, noise is important and safety is important. Mila there are no sidewalks.
    We have removed the transformer building, congratulations. But now this street needs to be urbanized.
    Mayor, join in

    • Chulvinet says:

      Atenas Street has been out for 30 years, it is not the fault of a person who has been in office for 5 months. Someone who has been there for 12 years... will have some responsibility for the fact that Atenas Street is still without light.

  15. Lola says:

    Ja vorem vorem ……Hopefully….and it doesn't remain a “I want to and I can't”.

  16. Incarnation Sanchez says:

    In addition to everything said, let's see by the time we put in the third phase of the treatment plant, the smell when passing over the Parsdor bridge is putefracted. I hope the outfall will be fixed by this year, we have been closing the beach for two years due to sewage contamination.

    • Gillian breen says:

      Also not mentioned is the lack of tree cutting. I am told this is contracted out and is too expensive to implement the 'programmed rota' for yree trimming. So in all residential areas all residents have to have light/views totally obscured. For 4 years in my area. Come on Javea, you must be one of the richest authorities in the Costa Blanca. Please can we have some service in our beautiful town, which is becoming not quite so beautiful

    • Smells bad says:

      The fault that the treatment plant does not have the Emissary lies with the person who has governed Xàbia for 12 years and the Generalitat for 8 years. Only in 2023 did those two governments realize that it was necessary to put the 3rd phase in the treatment plant. The current managers have already announced that the investment will be undertaken, and both have only been in office for 5 months.

    • Enri says:

      Chulvi, you are succeeding, people remember you and your great advertisements.
      Enjoy your great salary.

  17. Marcus van Praet says:

    You're right. And when we, as local residents of Costa Nova, filed an official xicotetion against traffic nuisances (reg. 2023-E-RC-7643), there was no response after three months. We are only there to pay taxes. A disgrace! We are still waiting for a response from the municipality. Maybe now?!?

  18. Maria Inmaculada Hernandez says:

    How right you are, all we do is pay and you don't see anything, neither cleaning, lighting, nor municipal services, etc. Etc

    Let's see if they get the batteries now.

    All the best

  19. pedro says:

    Bravo Bravisimo!!!