Services signposts exclusive parking for motorcycles in the dangerous junctions of Xàbia

Taking advantage of the improvement works on sidewalks and signage that the department of services is carrying out in different areas of Xàbia, new parking areas for motorcycles have been created. In this way, as reported by the area, "There is greater and better visibility at crossings or pedestrian crossings".

The works, carried out for now in the Avenida de Alicante and Trenc d'Alba next to the roundabout of the Joanot Martorell square, have involved a modification of the parking lot, thus replacing a parking area with vehicles for parking for motorcycles.

This action, to create greater visibility in the most conflictive points, had already been launched on Avenida Juan Carlos I, right at the junction that gives access to the Thiviers neighborhood, as in the final section Avenida Juan Carlos I with the crossing of the road from Cabo La Nao.

Also, note that the company that was working on the repair of the sidewalks of Avenida Juan Carlos I has already completed the work. An improvement of this road that joins the Historic District of Xàbia with the area of ​​Duanes de la Mar. Some works were completed after the start of the action was delayed due to the expropriation proceeding of the Santeret plot, 126 square meters, which according to the owners, «Is still pending payment».

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Comments on "Services signposts exclusive parking for motorcycles at the dangerous junctions of Xàbia"


  1. Milagros Uriarte Bascaran:

    Very good idea, and I hope the cars respect it. And please indicate car parks for motorcycles in all the steps of existing zebra in Javea or large pots that do not allow the parking of vehicles that take away visibility.

    • Bernhard Feiner:

      Totally agree. From Podem XÃ bia we welcome the fact that the city council is finally starting to implement measures that we proposed almost two years ago (25.4.2017) and that improve road safety in XÃ bia. We hope that the measure will not only be applied to pedestrian crossings that the city council considers â € œhazardousâ € â € "any pedestrian crossing with poor visibility for pedestrians and drivers can be dangerous â €" but to all, and that for this we do not have to wait two years and one more death.



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