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The fire that originated in the vicinity of the Hermitage of Calvari in Xàbia has been extinguished

May 02 from 2023 - 15: 47

Around 15:30 p.m. today, Tuesday, May 2, a vegetation fire was declared in the vicinity of the Hermitage of Calvari of Xàbia, specifically in the pine forest that gives access to this monument. Agents of the Local Police of Xàbia, Xàbia Civil Protection, Civil Guard and Firefighters of the Dénia Park have quickly gone to the scene of the event.

According to data from the Generalitat Valenciana Emergencies, three units of forest firefighters have been mobilized, one of them transported by helicopter and two fire engines, two aerial means and three fire departments from the Alicante council, although in the end the aerial means and forest firefighters did not act.

Although at the moment the causes that have originated this fire are unknown, the residents of this area of ​​Xàbia have reported that "the ground is full of needles, in addition to the great dryness that exists".

The flames were quickly put out by the first emergency services to arrive. Subsequently, the firefighters managed, at 16:05 p.m., to stabilize the fire and despite the proximity of homes, it has not been necessary to evacuate any of the residents living in this area.

At 16:20 p.m., the fire was considered extinguished.

  1. zen surah says:

    All of these are arson. Nothing ignites by itself, not even with a glass in the sun.
    Perhaps they are the same ones that burned an arcade in Fogueres.

  2. F.Torres says:

    This fire was announced. There was a mantle of pinnace of 20 ctms. It was a bomb. They should remove the pines and let the cypresses grow on Calvary. They also cover the landscapes of all javea that are no longer seen. Thank you

    • Antonio José says:

      The solution when the trees get dirty is to cut them down, not prune them or clean them, but cut them to the chase.
      We go like this.

    • Kristina Olmedo Saez says:

      Oh, sure. Have you ever seen a cypress on fire?