A fire starts in a house in the vicinity of Portal del Clot de Xàbia

After the 14: 30 hours a fire started in a house on the third floor of the 8 number on Gabriel Miró Street. Apparently, the fire originated when a lighted candle fell on the quilt of the bed, which was quickly lit.

Although the owners have tried to smother the flames, it has been impossible and they have left the house. Three vehicles from the Dénia Fire Department and one vehicle from the Benissa fire station have been moved to the scene. In total 12 effective have intervened in the event.

The building has been evacuated to be about six neighbors evicted from their homes for prevention. Also, the firefighters have rescued a dog from the house next to the victim who was at that time alone in the house.

The property where the fire originated has been totally burned according to the assessment of the firemen, who have also reviewed the structure of the entire building and in the next house have been damaged by smoke.

The rest of the houses of the building have not been affected although if, the strong heat provoked in the house of the fire has exploded the crystals which has affected a low due to the sparks that have jumped.

Luckily there have not been people affected. The Firemen have acted for about three hours. Local Police Agents of Xàbia and Guardia Civil have also collaborated during the evacuation work.

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Comments on "A fire starts in a house in the vicinity of the Portal del Clot de Xàbia"

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  1. Tere:

    The people of Javea need a fire truck, the Mocal police did not have any fire extinguishers, or hoses and even though they had a prime hydrant, it was all waiting for the firemen of Denia or Benisa to arrive.

    Chulvi, no, focus on what's important, apply for a fire truck as God already commands



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