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Extinguished the Montgó fire that affected one hectare

May 12 from 2023 - 08: 15

Around 17:50 p.m. yesterday afternoon, a fire started in the Montgó de Xàbia area. A large column of smoke alerted the residents of the Huertos del Montgó area, located in the vicinity of the Xàbia-Jesús Pobre road, who quickly called 112. The Xàbia Local Police and Fire Department quickly went to the scene of the fire .

The Generalitat Valenciana Emergencies Coordination Center reported that it was a forest fire for which they mobilized: four aerial means, two forest fire units, a fire unit from the Alicante Provincial Council and two fire trucks.

Various houses are located in this area of ​​Montgó, although only two properties had to be evicted for security reasons. According to reports from the Consortium of Firefighters, it was an orchard and stubble fire that reached part of a pine forest, which has caused a lot of smoke and flame.

At 18:50 p.m., the fire was evolving favorably and at 19:30 p.m. it was considered stabilized. Withdrawn the aerial means, the ground teams finishing the extinction tasks and cooling the area, deeming it extinct at 07:00 this Friday and having affected one hectare of forest area.

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  2. Catherine says:

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