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Satisfaction and joy among students at the end of the III Campus Technification of goalkeepers, Adrián Ortolá

August 03 from 2020 - 13: 33

The 30 students who had the privilege of participating in the III Campus Technification of Porters, Adrián Ortolá, have valued with an outstanding note their degree of satisfaction for having participated in it.

The proximity of the xabiero goal when carrying out each exercise has made that figure of national football who is the goalkeeper of CD Tenerife, has enchanted this group of students who have been soaked in the teachings acquired throughout the campus.

But it has not only been Adrián Ortolá himself, who has highlighted the boys, rather it has been the entire work team with goalkeeping professionals, Celso, Edu, Dani and the rest of the young goals that created an atmosphere of complicity that everyone appreciated.

Many of those present will not forget for a long time what they experienced during a week at the Xàbia municipal soccer field.

The experience on the part of the organizers has been positive. There were many doubts when scheduling the activity, but with the support and good behavior of all, all the security measures imposed by the COVID-19 crisis have been met.

The fun, the good atmosphere, the personal interrelationships between the students have made the days lived on this campus unforgettable for all of its participants.

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