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Monday through Friday from 10: 00 h. at 20: 00 h. and Saturdays from 10: 00 h. at 14: 00 h.

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Sanavet is certainly the best service for your pet. It is distinguished by its specialty in clinical ethology, a specialty responsible for preventing, diagnosing and treating behavioral problems of our pets. In addition we also do other veterinary services such as vaccinations and deworming, clinical analysis, official certificates and documentation to travel among many other services.

A home can be made most veterinary visits and treatments. In cases that other procedures not available at home as x-rays, ultrasounds, hospitalizations or surgeries have cooperation agreements with veterinary clinics specialists in different fields it is also necessary to move your pet from home to the clinic in a comfortable and safe manner .

In Sanavet we want to offer our services for home care because we know that your pet deserves the best. To do this we move to any part of Jávea and surroundings with all the need to give proper care and treatment material. We make your pet feel comfortable and calm and benefit from the comfort of a home veterinary service.


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