Pilgrimage of Santa Llúcia in Xàbia

Start date12 de Diciembre de 2015
Finish date13 de Diciembre de 2015
Event typeshindig

Xàbia celebrates this Sunday one of the most popular religious festivals of the year; the pilgrimage to the shrine of Santa Llúcia. Festera a partnership in which more than 40 foremen and Mayoralesas involved are preparing acts held this weekend.

Procession of Saint Lucia

Acts which begin on Saturday starting at 19: 30 hours with a parade through the historic center announced the festival. During the same and as is traditional will be distributed "Buyols i Mistela". In the niche of the saint is located on the street named after an offering of flowers is made and firecrackers fire.

Sunday at 8: 30 hours there will be a "despertá"Enlivened by the colla" Xirimitab's "and 10: 30 be uploaded on pilgrimage to the shrine of Santa Llúcia. In the temple a solemn Mass will be celebrated. When this ends the foremen offered to all attendees with chocolate "bambas"And muffins courtesy of Bakery Oven FERSAN.

Before the festival all mayorales led by President Salvador Casellés, along with the mayor, José Chulvi and councilman Festival, Antonio Miragall Customs and parish priests, and Sant Bertomeu Mañó Fernando Vicente Gilabert held a fellowship meal in Carrasco salons where they enjoyed a holiday.

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