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Roberto Simó wins the XVII Mediterranean Picudos Height Fishing Tournament of the CN Jávea

14 July 2022 - 23: 40

Roberto Simó, at the head of the Pirolín boat, managed to win the XVIII Mediterranean Picudos Deep Sea Fishing tournament, a test of the sport fishing section of the Club Náutico Jávea which is a tribute and I remember José Ignacio Simó 'Polillo'.

Simó gathered a total of 32,40 kilograms in catches, which ultimately served to make him the winner in the contest's total weight classification. In second position in total weight was Efraín González, with the Efra IV, which gathered a total of 30,10 kilograms. The third position went to Javier Pardillo (Noah), with catches of 23,40 kilograms. In fourth position was Mariano Soler at the head of Bergantí with 9,60 kilograms.

Meanwhile, in the individual category, the first prize went to Efraín González, with a catch of 16 kilograms. For this, González received the special Picudos del Mediterráneo trophy.

In total, ten boats participated in the test, but only four contributed them for the weigh-in. After the weigh-in, the awards ceremony was held, presided over by the member of Fisheries and the Environment, José Luis Martínez, and there was a raffle with prizes for all the participants.

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