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Rita Berruti: «I come to work and improve everything in my hands»

31 July 2019 - 09: 26

Rita Berruti, is one of the new faces of the Xàbia government team. At the age of 50, he entered politics with a great desire to work and do things for Xàbia. And the thing is, Berruti, after working 14 years in an optician's, dedicated herself to taking care of her family and now, excited, she enters politics to be able to improve everything that is in her hands.

Rita, delighted with her council, faces the areas of Servicios Sociales, Health and the urban center of Arenal. "I know there is much to do in each of the areas and I hope to be able to carry out all the objectives and purposes set out, as well as continue with the initiatives of my partners", explains the mayor.

And, as Berruti has indicated, "I am concerned about the situation of social precariousness in Xàbia, so I will try to get more help or increase it, maintaining the level of protection we have given to date. My main objective is to be able to expand the number of users of TAPIS, implementing new activities with the hiring of a new monitor in the new specifications for the contest ".

In making life easier for citizens, the Councilor for Social Services has expressed the intention of strengthening the Radars program of attention to the follow-up of people living alone with the hiring of a new family worker to support follow-up and accompaniment, as well as to study the viability of sheltered homes for chronic mentally ill people to increase their personal autonomy and offer a respite to their families.

On the problem of housing, the mayor says that she is aware of the situation in Xàbia, "High rents and low supply, so my purpose is to study reality and take corrective measures."


Improving the urban core of the Arenal is another priority of the new socialist mayor, "interventions are going to be expanded not only on the beachfront but in the rest of less visible areas that also have needs and demands."

For this, Rita will be every first Wednesday of the month, from 9 a.m. to 14 p.m., at the Punt Cívic del Arenal to serve citizens, listen to their ideas, proposals and needs, "I want communication, to know their concerns and provide solutions to their demands. My goal is for the residents of this area to join as an association to be able to agglutinate all requests and solve them together."

And linking Arenal with the Health Department, Berruti says he is studying the possibility of expanding the doctor's office. He has also indicated that he will study the neighborhood request that there may be a medical service, or an office throughout the year.

Also, the councilor has indicated that from Health "We intend to apply services and benefits through campaigns to prevent breast cancer, colon-rectal cancer, among others."

  1. Fernando says:

    THIS IS THE PSOE IN PURE STATE. YES that's how it goes, partner ISABEL You manipulate the people of our beloved SPAIN. It is your cheating backpack. YOU HAVE NO REMEDY. AGUR… ..

  2. Begoña says:

    I invite you to visit the open field where this year's Children's Fair has been located this year, in front of the More and Mas of The Hague Street. Totally unhealthy. Dirty. Even RATS are there. RATS that cross the two Urbanizations that are in front of them: LAS OLAS and BUNGALOWS COFITSA.That is because of not adding the conditions of ROAD INSECURITY that, at least, two people from one of these Urbanizations, have to suffer when they are DISABLED and have to go in a wheelchair for a mock maple with the danger that this poses to their lives. A real shame.
    Not a zebra crossing to get out of these developments. You have to go around the whole square. Shameful.
    And to add one last point: The Hague Street, from the roundabout of the More and Mas, is a rally track. Not a Dead Guard that slows the speed of cars and motorcycles on that stretch of street.
    As I said at the beginning: I invite you to know "in situ" all these circumstances. I know it won't. But said is as a shameful situation for your City Council which, by the way, we pay very high taxes for the return that, as homeowners in your city we pay religiously and punctually.


    At the moment, he also has on the table the issues inherited from his predecessor in office also the socialist Pilar Zamora Selva: a new and urgent sewerage plan to avoid being news again throughout Europe due to floods and the problem of Acoustic Pollution in a residential area that has already been denounced to the Catalan Ombudsman of the Valencian Community as well as the lack of licenses of many premises and respect the legal closing times decreed by the Generalitat Valenciana (in addition to illegal works on the Paseo by several establishments) . Also on the table is the new cultural venue promised in campaign by his government partner Quico Moragues as well as the promised adaptation of several streets such as Avda. De Paris. Although the new councilwoman Rita Berruti has had a bad premiere (despite being in charge of Social Services) turning a children's playground into parking. Hopefully it will be temporary and that, afterwards, it will be properly arranged and that the only sports area of ​​the Arenal ceases to be a forgotten place.

  4. Isabel says:

    Good luck companion, I wish you the best to bring your expectations to our strength Javea!