Rifirrafe in Benitatxell before the expulsion of the councilors of Compromís

The spokesman of RED Benitatxell, Josep Femenía, has issued a statement in which he assures that the mayor of Benitatxell, Miguel Ángel García, "He has hidden from the neighbors, for a month, that he and his councilors have been expelled from his party. Compromís ratified the expulsion of Miguel Ángel García on January's 7, however, it has not been made public until today. "

Femenía points out that from the January 7 «Vital decisions have been taken for the municipality and that they commit not only the current budget but also the functioning of the town in the coming years based on a lie: they are not councilors of Compromis».

The spokesman of RED Benitatxell has described the performance of «An insult to democracy, an insult to the neighbors of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell and an insult to their dignity. He has shown that he only cares about the chair. Above the transparency, above his party and above being true to the truth ».

Josep Femenía It also indicates that, just for the extraordinary plenary that is celebrated today, 7 of February, «Where the mayor must give an account of the actions carried out during the last months, he has modified the content of the request of the ediles of RED and PP to avoid giving copy of the documentation to the requesting councilors».

Government Response Team

Before the statements of RED Benitatxell, the mayor of the town, Miguel Ángel García, and its editors Maite Roldán and Jorge Pascual have assured that their expulsion from Compromís "It does not distract us for a second from the government task that we are carrying out. The address in Valencia made us choose between the initials and the town. We are here to work for our municipality », explained García, who has stressed that he does not want to enter into a tug-of-war with Compromís.

García has explained that "Today we are even more convinced that moving forward with the motion of censure was the right thing to do. It was not an option, but an obligation. We could not remain impassive before the misrule and the paralysis of the City Council ».

The mayor has also assured that neither he nor his two comrades until now of Compromís have breached the coalition's bylaws. They have been expelled for agreeing a motion of censure with a defector. "But there is a court ruling that makes clear that Toni Colomer is not a defector. Therefore, the reason that is used for the expulsion does not exist. We do not rule out presenting a resource. But, of course, we are not going to enter into controversies with Compromís »said Garcia who added that "The file was taken by the national address of Compromís, which corresponded, therefore, make public the agreement they adopted, so we have not hidden anything."

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