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restaurant Noray

restaurant Noray

restaurant Noray It is located right in the Port of Jávea, right at the Grava beach. They offer you a complete experience: their market cuisine and indoor barbecue with sea views. You can't miss it!

Discover her letter of breakfast, restaurant y drinks. New flavors, new dishes ... a unique experience.

Do you want to try their dishes? You have options for the whole day. If you need to start with energy, their coffees and breakfasts will give you everything you need. And for your special meals and dinners they have a wide variety of rice dishes, a house specialty, grilled meat, seafood and fish and many more delicacies.

They specialize in top quality meats, rice, paella and seafood (lobster, sea ox, crab ...). In addition to fish from the fish market of Jávea. All this prepared with love and dedication by Chef Pedro Martínez.

And, if you like grilled dishes, you cannot miss what this restaurant offers you, made with its wonderful barbecue.

Feel the Mediterranean! Live a unique tasting experience with sea views at Noray Restaurant on Avenida Marina Española nº1 (Puerto de Jávea).


Avenida Marina Spanish, 1 -
  1. Ana Torres Buigues says:

    I love eating at the Noray Restaurant. Attention and quality fantástica.lo condidero is one of the best in Jávea and surroundings.

  2. Senén says:

    We love this restaurant

    My family and I usually go and enjoy all its charms

    • Silvia says:

      What to say about my Javea, I LIKE IT, it is little, I love it, I fall in love, I know the area, the restaurant and that beautiful sea, all my life spending the summer there (literally, since I was born, and being from the center of Guadalajara) and I will continue going and I will dine with those beautiful views whether I touch it or not
      Javea all heart