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Chulvi's response to the PP: "If the Arenal is flooded, it is because they allowed to build over the Saladar ravine"

November 06 from 2020 - 17: 33

Given the statements made by the Popular Party about the floods that occurred in El Arenal because of the recent rains, the Mayor of Xàbia, José Chulvi, has indicated that he regrets "the demagogy demonstrated by the Popular Party of the municipality in the face of the flooding of the Arenal, a situation caused precisely by the urban policy of that party".

The first mayor has responded to the opinion of the PP indicating that "is incredible. Those who created the problem 15 years ago today take advantage of the consequences of their bad policies and the natural malaise of the neighbors to give lessons. To ask for solutions today for tomorrow when they know perfectly that if the Arenal floods it is because they allowed to build on top of the Saladar ravine and that fixing now is very difficult and will cost us a lot of money from all of us.

In the statement issued by the government team in response to the opinions of the Popular, Chulvi points out that "The flooding on Avenida Libertad is the construction of the Arenal 3 and 3A urban plans, a project from the years when the government was in the hands of the popular and to which the PSPV repeatedly opposed. Then it was already predicted that these farms, which plug the natural spillways that reach the Arenal –such as the Albanells ravine-, would worsen the flooding of an already problematic area since it borders an old wetland ".

The first mayor adds that "The PP ignored all the warnings and allowed the urbanization (surrounded by a controversy that can refresh the memory of anyone who consults the newspaper archive) to plug the natural spillway. The Arenal did not take a year to suffer a serious flood, in October 2007, and despite the fact that the City Council later built new collectors to the sea, they are not enough to prevent the accumulation of water ".

Chulvi assures that his executive has inherited many problems from these years of policies that put private interests above. Among them, one of the most serious is Arenal. "It worries us a lot; And not only the days that it rains, as it seems to happen to the PP", he assures. In fact, the works department has made inquiries and has several technical alternatives on the table that are being analyzed to see which is the most appropriate.

  1. Jano says:

    It seems infamous to me that this is said today.

    You blame the Phoenicians for not having built a port in conditions, those waves that sweep over us in a storm there is no right that nothing stops them.

    Chulvi should know that it is in the "disastrous politician" manual: he who does nothing to solve problems is there to create them, as well as to earn a beastly salary.

    Much disgusting is this political class that is only for the photo and put the hand at the end of the month, insane.

  2. Francisco Javier Garde says:

    I think the Arenal is a big problem when it rains, but the sewage and lighting issue in all urbanizations is also a big daily problem. As a citizen I ask myself, who should solve these problems? and my answer is the politicians of the party that is elected by the citizens of Javea every four years. What we would like is solutions, whoever they come from. Thank you

    • July says:

      Totally agree. I think the time has come to consolidate and improve what we have, and not continue building without meaning. We must give birth to nuclei and urbanizations, improve garbage, democratize Amjasa, in short

  3. Pepe Coloma says:

    I have been going to Jávea for more than 20 years and, yes, I imagine that in the Moragues stage that went without limits but now there are two Chulvi legislatures and it is time to work and not avoid problems. It is not only the Saladar, the Fontana avenue was flooded before the PP, during the PP, and now with the PSOE, and that is not because of the Saladar. They have consented to remodel the entire canal and without making larger storm drains on that avenue. The real problem is that there is no planning and the consistory always works 'in pieces', based on patches. It is my opinion. The previous one and this municipal government are scraps and nobody considers something comprehensive, there are still the urbanizations without being connected to the collectors. In Xàbia something is only done when there is a slap on the wrist from an institution such as the Hydrographic Confederation or the Generalitat or a ministry. The 'good' salaries for local politicians continue, with the PP and with the PSOE, those do not go down even in the pandemic.

  4. Julio M Ramón says:

    It is good that, in this case of the Saladar, he defends himself, because I think so too. But Mr. Mayor, I am afraid that the problem is in the very DNA of the politicians of Jávea, of all, who only know how to do developmental politics through construction, The last 25 years of Jávea are to make the briefcase and go live to the Gallinera.

  5. Pozi says:

    The answer has been at the level of Chulvi. The sandy area has been flooded all its life, as Denia was always flooded.
    The difference is that in Denia they invested in an underground solution. Here we have one of those who live by blaming the PP, who can blame them for speculation with how he has left the Crown and how he threatens Portichol, touching things that no one had ever dared with. The town was burned twice in 2 years and each of its municipal works has been an insurmountable grotesque (the second Montañar, the bridge that has been cut for months after a decade waiting, the auditorium…).

    I thought I would never say this phrase, but we have managed to have someone worse than Mr. Mor… g..s.

  6. Bill says:

    I think that the issue of the Arenal floods should be fixed at once and stop blaming the past, which is very easy because things are done at the time with other perspectives and cannot be looked at with the eyes of now, the history is like that and you have to respect it. Now it's time to fix that problem and take action at once and stop blah blah blah….

  7. Xavi says:

    From those mud comes this mud. The PP has been Attila's horse on the Mediterranean coast. Corruption, brick and caciquismo.

  8. pedro says:

    The truth is that it is a shame that those who represent us do not give us solutions to everyday problems. It is easy to blame others. Yes, we already know we have the problem. Let's not look for who or who created it. Let's not look back. Let's give solutions !!. I think it would be good, that they will realize the many deficiencies that Jávea has and that we look at other towns around us and see how they have faced them.

  9. Natalia says:

    I even laughed when I started reading this article. Yesterday they told me that the stones that fall from the mountain on top of which they build a completely new chalet in the last 2 years It is because our houses from the 70s are badly built… Everything is the fault of the past !!! Y????? How easy it is to blame the past. I don't care about the parties and politics, I have no idea which party is in command now, nor do I care. Everyone blames others and no one solves anything.

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