Rescue Animal Marina Alta collects signatures so that Xàbia has a dog bathing area

The group of Animal Rescue Marina Alta (RAMA) has initiated a campaign to collect signatures requesting a bathing area for dogs. According to the document published on the digital platform, Jávea has more than 10.000 censored dogs and a dog bath area is not available throughout the municipality.

From RAMA they ask the City Council to solve this problem that every summer creates controversies and confrontations between dog owners who have no choice but to violate the regulations.

The group indicates that it needs an accessible area, marked and provided with the necessary services for its use, "Let's not forget that behind each dog there is a human who accompanies him who also has the right to be comfortable on the beach or can access it without danger of injury."

At the time of publication, the petition through carries 873 signatures.

From the City Council, the councilor responsible for beaches, Kika Mata, has indicated to Xà which is being studied, for a few months, which area could be enabled for the use of the pet bathroom and be able to launch this demand.

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Comments on "Animal Rescue Marina Alta collects signatures so that Xàbia has a dog bath area"


  1. Pedro Perez:

    You need a bounded area for bathing with dogs, yes, I would like to go for a walk and bathe with mine but the Parador area, of rock, is neither pleasant nor has conditions, is full of hedgehogs, for that better Don't put it, really. Why not in the gravel of the First Mountain? Or at the end of the Port. I am the first who understands that in the Arenal it can not be because many people bathe and it would not be adequate but in a section at the end of the stones yes. It is my opinion.

  2. Subject:

    Area behind Parador well, although it would be better for older people who can not leave only dog, area with sand, bounded area of ​​the Arenal.

  3. Miquel Strogoff:

    The ideal place would be in Ambolo so nudists and dogs make the ideal couple to bathe together.


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