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Post your review: 'Mystery in Hollywood', by Sofia Chorro Mas

29 2022 April - 13: 23

The students of the Rock & Roll class of the CEIP Trenc d'Alba continue with their literary project. Today, student Sofia Chorro presents us with her literary review of 'Mistery in Hollywood'.

Tea Stilton's story is full of mystery and intrigue that envelops and engages the reader throughout the reading, but what is Sofia's criticism?

literary review

Abstract: The "Tea Sisters" are on vacation in Los Angeles. They are going to visit Hollywood, specifically the Malibu beach. They are going to be in a filming but suddenly Princess Lana Ratilton is going to disappear and the Tea Sisters are going to get the mission: to break it and that no one will sabotage the filming. They meet two famous people Terri and Jenna and they leave with friends.

The Tea Sisters will appear in a film of superheroines with special effects, because the real superheroes are badasses. When they are going to recover they are going to love it and they are going to appear in another movie with the real superheroes. In the end, famous people leave and go to a gala.

personal opinion: I am very pleased because there are many mysteries, interesting and intriguing. I am pleased to see the Tea Sisters unravel the mysteries in a very fun way. I also have drawings that look real.

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