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Post your review: 'The Little Prince' by Laura Torán Bolufer

May 20 from 2022 - 10: 32

The students of the Rock & Roll class of the CEIP Trenc d'Alba continue with their literary project. Today, the student Laura Torán presents us with her literary review of the famous short novel by 'The little Prince'.

Without a doubt, The Little Prince has become one of the most widely read books, but what does Laura think about this story?

Abstract: The narrator liked to draw and is going to establish himself in the seua nau al desert. Aleshores is going to show the Little Prince who had to draw a lamb and the Little Prince is going to count all the xic. He is going to tell that a flower on his planet was poisonous and he is going to draw a groga boa and the boa is going to treat an elephant.

In the end the xic se'n goes back home in the giant and the Little Prince is molt sad in totes les locures que ha fet junts.

personal opinion: I think it's very cool because it's very interesting because of the xiquets and xiquetes because it's so much fun and so much action.

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