Civil Protection carries out about 5000 hours of forest surveillance during the summer campaign

The local group of Civil Protection of Xàbia has presented the specific memory of the forest surveillance campaign, a preventive work that this year has been reinforced thanks to the increase in volunteers.

In total, from the month of June until the end of the campaign, the 9 of October, the volunteers have dedicated 4.485 hours (compared to the 3.020 of the summer of last year).

As they point out from the group, there has been uninterrupted surveillance throughout this period, with morning and afternoon shifts formed by four volunteers and two vehicles. In addition, the days of maximum fire risk have been reinforced with a third team. The lookout points are the tower of Granadella and the viewpoint of the Cap de Sant Antoni and the group has maintained permanent contact with neighboring municipalities to have greater control of the municipality.

Another of the daily tasks assumed by Civil Protection is the placement of the information panels with the level of pre-emergency that exists in the Montgó Natural Park and the daily communication with the Emergency Coordination Center of Alicante to transfer incidents.

As for the interventions carried out by the volunteers, highlight the role played in the Rafalet fire since, together with the Local Police, they installed the Sideinfo self-protection equipment (high power sprinklers) preventing the flames from affecting the homes. They have also been part of the response devices in other fires, such as the one that affected the Rafal area, and several conatos that could be quickly suffocated.

Other Civil Protection actions

Civil Protection lists other incidents that occurred throughout the summer, such as four house fires, one vehicle, another boat and one that affected a battery of containers. Another important operation is the one provided within the preemergence for the cold drop, both in prevention and in the removal of trees from public roads or participation in road marking tasks.

Finally, the group reviews its collaboration in the attention to traffic accidents and in a search operation for people.

The Councilor for Citizen Security and Emergencies, Pepa GisbertHe has congratulated all the volunteers - they are already some 40 - for the great work done during these months and has highlighted his important role not only at the level of surveillance, but of rapid response in any emergency. Gisbert has pointed out that the Civil Protection vehicle is always one of the first to reach any fire or event, which means that many events do not become more serious situations.

Also, the councilor has highlighted the great preparation of Xàbia volunteers, both in training and in their equipment, which makes them a key means in the emergency response and gives more security to the population.

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Comments on "Civil Protection performs about 5000 hours of forest surveillance during the summer campaign"

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  1. Pedro Diaz Manjon:

    It seems very good to me that the measures of prevention are extreme, it was already time, as for the environment two notes, the cutting of pines with many years that is being done in the area of ​​Cansalades and Velles al Vent on the road to Benitachel to The construction of Mdernite houses is controlled by someone, or if some of them go out of hand in these fellings, nobody finds out, only our scarce and suffered pines.
    I'm still talking about pines, in the lot that Isleta Marina owns on Augusta Avenue on the Northwest side of this lot there is a pine
    which has grown these years, very beautiful by the way, it would be possible to study its integration in the next urbanization as
    Way to save her, thanks.


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