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Complete festival program Loreto Mare de Deu de 2021

Start date: August 25st, 2021
Finish date: 08th September 2021
Event type: Party
Site: Duanes de la Mar- See complete program
Hours: See full schedule
Tickets: See full schedule
Event finished

2021 parties suspended

All the acts of the Festivities in honor of the Virgin of Loreto have been suspended as a health prevention measure in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The festivities will be celebrated in 2022, but in order not to lose customs, the Festival Committee has organized a symbolic program to celebrate the festivities of 2022, an edition in which it commemorates the 125th anniversary of these deep-rooted festivals.

'Symbolic' Programming Loreto Festival 2021

From Thursday 2 to Wednesday 8, Duanes de la Mar will become the nerve center for the celebration of events, which, complying with all sanitary measures, will be children's and popular shows, sports, music and religiosity.

The track attached to the CEIP Port de Xàbia will become, for a few days, the Fester 2021 Venue and will host the main performances with the public after seeing itself as an optimal venue for holding controlled events with limited capacity.

Thus, the programming starts with the traditional Ninth from the Wednesday, August 25 to Thursday, September 2.

In celebration of martes 31 there will be a voluntary food collection for the benefit of Cáritas.

El Thursday September 2, A las 20: 00 hoursis will bless the new mantle of the Virgin, at the mass in suffrage for the souls of the deceased of the Parish, courtesy of a parishioner, in commemoration of the 125th anniversary. The Comissió de Festes will make an offering to the Mare de Déu de Loreto in memory of the members of the Commission who are no longer with us.

El viernes 3, the Comissió returns, one more year, to encourage all the residents and merchants of
Duanes to decorate your balconies, facades and shop windows in order to beautify the marine nucleus in such special days for everyone. During the day today, the Comissió de Festes will visit Loreto Street in the Historic Center to offer to the Virgin in her niche.

A las 19: 30 hours, ntrega of Prizes of the XXVIII Children's Drawing Contest Dionís Henarejos Crespo in the Festive Venue located on the sports court attached to the CEIP Port de Xàbia. Registration at the entrance until full capacity is reached. The Xàbia Port Merchants Association collaborates.

A las 20: 30 hours, musical MUSILOCOS for all the boys and girls in the 2021 Party Center. A family show that will recall the most famous children's songs of all time. Registration at the entrance until full capacity is reached.

El Saturday 4, A las 9: 30 hoursWill take place on XXI Open of Ping Pong Mare de Déu de Loreto at the Palau Municipal d'Esports organized by the Xàbia Tennis Club. Registration the same day at the Palau until full capacity is reached.

In the afternoon, at 20: 00 hours, Jove Band of the Artistic Musical Center of Xàbia will offer an extraordinary concert on the track attached to the CEIP Port de Xàbia. The capacity is limited, therefore, prior registration and the purchase of a symbolic ticket is required.

El Sunday 5 sports comxicotetions will continue with the XXIX Chess Championship on Manuel Bordes Valls street, at 10 hours and two games of raspall in Virgen de Loreto street with future local and regional promises, starting at 17 hours.

In the evening, at 21:30 p.m., the theater group of the Comissió de Festes, Tot Rist, will play the funny sainete The Nano Barraque by Paco Barchino recovering this typical Valencian representation that was released just a century ago.

El moons 6 religious acts will begin with the Adapted Flower Offering. La Mare de Déu de Loreto will remain in the old cloister of the parish for more than seven hours (12 to 19: 30 hours) to receive flowers from associations, festive commissions, fishing clubs and neighbors in general. The event will be controlled and has been structured in this way to guarantee the safety of those attending. To avoid crowds, it is recommended to attend in a staggered manner throughout its duration.

Already the martes 7, day of the Holy Christ of the Sea, there will be music al carrer, A las 19 hours, mass at 20 pm and, at night, you can enjoy, at 22: 30 hours, the musical Pitching the Note on the sports court of CEIP Port de Xàbia.

El miércoles 8, patron saint's day, there will be at 8:30 am wake up and music in Duanes, at 10:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., solemn eucharist. In the afternoon, as the usual procession cannot be carried out, one of the novelties of this year will take place: 17: 30 to 19: 30 hours the Veneration of the Mare de Déu de Loreto outside the parish temple so that anyone who wishes to visit the Virgin on her big day can do so as safely and comfortably as possible. Again, it will be a controlled act to avoid crowds.

At dusk, a colored thunder to close this symbolic celebration of the beginning of what will be a 125th anniversary at the height of the circumstances.

The shows on Saturday 4, Sunday 5 and Tuesday 7 have a symbolic entry price of 3 euros, which represents a collaboration with the Comissió de Festes for the future celebration of the 125th anniversary.

Prior registration and health regulations

Most events have a capacity limit. In the case of sporting events, these require prior registration through the clubs that organize the tournaments and, in the case of the shows that will take place on the CEIP Port de Xàbia track, the Comissió de Festes has enabled three different forms of reservation to facilitate it at all ages.

Registration can be done by sending a WhatsApp message to the phone 679 851 734, an email to reservafestesloreto@gmail.com (in both cases until the day before each event at 14:30 p.m.) and in person at the Casal de la Comissió ( Severo Ochoa street) on August 31 and 19 from 21:4 p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. In the three options, the name, surname and contact telephone number must be indicated and each person can make the reservation of up to a maximum of XNUMX places.

In order to participate in all the programming, the use of the mask, the temperature measurement at the entrance, the disinfection of hands with hydroalcoholic gel and the maintenance of interpersonal distance will be mandatory. The religious acts that take place inside the church of Duanes are subject to the regulations that are carried out in ordinary celebrations.

Program of events from previous years


  1. Carmen says:

    This year there are fireworks? When!!!

    • Evil says:

      He makes it very clear:
      "At dusk, a thunder of colors will be fired to close this symbolic celebration of the beginning of what will be a 125th anniversary at the height of the circumstances."