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Program of Moors and Christians Festivities Xàbia 2021

08 July 2021 - 00: 11


All acts have been suspended, during 2020 and 2021, as a health prevention measure in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The holidays are postponed to 2022.

2019 full program

Saturday, July 13

  • 21: 00 hours: Parade through the streets of Duanes to pick up in the kábilas and barracks the representatives of the filaes that will participate in the presentation. Upon reaching Jaime I Avenue, firing of the announcing rocket and official lighting of lights by Abanderadas and Captains 2019.
  • 21: 30 hours: Wine of honor offered by the Filá Capitana Almoradins in Calle Doctor Fleming.
  • 22: 00 hours: Presentation of the Festival of Moors i Cristians 2019 in the Paseo Jaime I with the assistance of municipal and festive authorities and acting as town crier Rafael Andarias. Next, great mobile phone with the Dj. Christian Blond until the 03.30 h.

Sunday, July 14

  • 09: 30 hours: Children's multi-adventure playground on Manuel Bordes Valls street until 13: 30 h.
  • 20: 30 hours: XVII Concert of Music Festera in Seville street offered by the Music-Municipal Association Santa María Magdalena del Poble Nou de Benitatxell.

Monday, 15 of July

Tuesday, 16 of July

  • 20: 00 hours: Visit the Historical Center touring the streets of Prince of Asturias, Placeta del Convent, Virgen de la Merced, El Foguerer and ending at San Jaime street; where the Flower Offering will take place in the niche of our Patron Sant Jaume.

Wednesday, July 17

  • 09: 30 hours: Food collection table in favor of Cáritas in the supermarkets of Avenida Jaime I: Mas y Mas y Coaliment and organized by the Board of Festes de Moros i Cristians and Caritas. Up to 14: 00 h.
  • 20: 45 hours: Offering of flowers to Sant Jaume, which will start at the Pío X Arcade and will cross the streets of Cristo del Mar, Sertorio, Andrés Lambert, Jaime I Avenue, President Adolfo Suárez and Caleta ending at the Parochial Church. In this same act a food donation will be made by the filaes and the Board of Festes to Cáritas Nuestra Señora de Loreto.
  • 23: 00 hours: Brotherhood dinner on Sevilla street. Next, discomobile and karaoke contest between rows of the hand of Bit-Sound until 03: 00 h.

Thursday, July 18

  • 21: 30 hours: Landing of the Moro Bando. Recreation of the arrival of the Muslim troops to the shores of Xabieras with firing of arquebuse. The Associació de Barques Tradicionals de Xàbia collaborates.
  • 22: 00 hours: Embassy and surrender of the castle in Paseo Jaime I.
  • 23: 45 hours: Great show with charanga in the Filà Capitana Almoradins until the 03: 00 h.
  • 00: 00 hours: Spectacular tour through the different kábilas and barracks with the Batucada Bunpada accompanied by festeros and the general public.

Friday, July 19

  • 11: 00 hours: Child entraye through the streets Pio X, Plaza Presidente Adolfo Suarez, Andrés Lambert and Sevilla until Doctor Fleming being the protagonists the children members of the filaes and the children participating in the Summer activities in Parish. At the end, great Globotada offered by the Filà Capitana Almoradins.
  • 17: 00 hours: XXVI Pepe Prats de Pilota Valenciana Trophy between rows in Virgen de Loreto street.
  • 21: 00 hours: Musketry battle between Bando Bando Moro and Christian in Grava beach.
  • 21: 30 hours: Embassy and reconquest of the castle by the Bando Cristiano in the Paseo Jaime I.
  • 22: 30 hours: Discomóvil in Manuel Bordes Valls street.
  • 00: 00 hours: Performance of the orchestra The legendaries on Doctor Fleming street offered by the Filà Capitana Almoradins.

Saturday, July 20

  • 11: 30 hours: Parade in charge of the Filà Capitana, festeros charges and Festes Board visiting kábilas and barracks.
  • 19: 30 hours: Entrance of music bands.
  • 20: 30 hours: Gala parade.
  • 23: 30 hours: Macro-mobile with the performance of spam Group up to 03: 30 h. on Avenida Jaime I with Dj. Pablo Gisbert and María Gavilá.
  • 00: 00 hours: Night of charanga in the Filà Capitana Almoradins until the 03: 00 h.
  • 00: 30 hours: Correfoc by Colla by Dimonis In-Ga-Va of the El Maro troupe through the streets Antoni Llidó, Virgen de Loreto and Paseo Jaime I.

Sunday, July 21

  • 10: 00 hours: "Aquajocs" for children in the outdoor complex of the Palau Municipal d'Esports.
  • 10: 30 hours: Distribution of ice cream and chocolate offered by the Mora and Cristiana flaggers in the outdoor area of ​​the Palau.
  • 12: 00 hours: Celebration of the Mass in honor of St. James and in memory of our deceased revelers.
  • 19: 00 hours: Entrance of music bands. Then, in Paseo Jaime I, Troba de Bandes de Música interpreting all of them Pasodoble Xàbia.
  • 20: 00 hours: Gala parade closing the pageantry of the Filà Capitana 2019, Almoradins. At the end, a tronà will be fired from the La Grava Beach.

Previous years programming


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