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Fiesta program Jesus Nazareno: Thursday, May 2 of 2019

Event Date: May 02 2019
Event type: Party
The venue : Consult program
Opening times: Consult program
Appetizers: Free
Event finished

The day of Thursday is focused on the elderly and the act of offering flowers to the image of Jesus Nazarene.

At 11.00 hours. - Visit to the elders of the Day Center to whom a small gift will be given to each one.

At 11.30 hours. - Visit to the elders of the Residencia-Asilo Hermanos Cholbi Foundation, to whom a small gift will be given to each one.

At 12.00 hours. - General bell flipping.

At 19.00 hours. - Triduum to Jesus Nazarene in suffrage of the Rev. Juan Esteve Domingo, of the Rev. Mr. José Soler Mulet, of the Rev. D. Juan Celda Visitation, of the Rev. Mr. Joaquín Sendra Benavent.

At 20.15 hours. - FLOWER OFFER TO JESUS ​​NAZARENO. All children are invited to this event, to all the Party Commissions, Peñas, Comparsas, Asociaciones, etc. and to the whole neighborhood in general (departure from the Plaza de la Marina Alta).

At 22.00 hours. - Crazy occasion. Free adaptation of Javier Quintanilla, Telón-Eros theater group. Direction Eva Díaz. In the Plaza de la Constitució.

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