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Presentation of living chess of Jávea town hall

13 July 2015 - 17: 08

The hall of plenary sessions of the city council of Jávea, has been the scene of the official presentation of the Living Chess of Jávea, Festival of National Tourist Interest. This theatrical performance starring children and that allows to give life to the most important games of world chess, will be staged on Saturday 25 in July at 22'30 hours on a large board surrounded by stands that is installed on the esplanade of the port.

Quico Moragues, Pilar Zamora in the presentation of living chess

This year, the story "One of cowboys and Indians: Native Americans"Written by Rosario Henarejos, addresses the need to protect their own cultures and indigenous minorities face of globalization and will build the game between Boris Gelfand Garry Kasparov-, Linares Tournament, 1991. Responsible for moving the white pieces is the winner of the Tournament Fogueres, Harry Guevara, while commanding the black will be a guest of honor that the organization has not yet revealed.

Address a global issue is one of the characteristics of the Living Chess, an integrative and entertainment festival that mobilizes an organizing group of more than 20 40 people and students of all nationalities participating as extras, explained its director Rafael Andarias.

In this sense, the councilman of Culture, Quico MoraguesHe highlighted the Living Chess is a unique festival, which projects an image directly related to culture and education, while always talking about universal values, important works of literature or important events in local history "which culturally enriches children who participate in it and makes them work concentration, memory and fellowship".

Moragues congratulated the Commission Loreto worry that the party also worth to promote culture. For its part, the mayor of Tourism, Pilar ZamoraHe added that Chess is one of the strengths within the program of the celebrations of Loreto, a fully consolidated activity and a loyal audience that every year is looking forward to the new story. Councilwoman also assessed promoting Xàbia has been achieved thanks to the Living Chess and many places in Spain to those who have come to present.

Finally, the president of the Commission of Loreto, Juanjo García, Thanked the involvement of all people who have made it possible to maintain during 19 years Living Chess and especially of children and their families during the month rehearsals, costume fittings and adjustments usually happen.

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