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PP and C's demand an open debate on the mobility of Xàbia

May 21 from 2020 - 08: 42

The spokesmen of the PP and C's in the Javea Town Hall, Rosa Cardona and Enrique Escrivá, have highlighted the need for the pedestrianization of the First Mountain of Xàbia, "It is completed with a series of measures that represent a sustainable and safe alternative for road traffic".

Both formations applaud the pedestrianization carried out by the municipal government, "Because we are committed to humanizing the urban space and it is a demand of the neighbors that all the parties share, betting on sustainability in mobility policies".

However, Cardona and Escrivá regret that "A draft intervention such as the one adopted by the Chulvi government in a main artery of the municipality, such as Avenida del Mediterráneo, which connects the two urban centers of Arenal and the Port of Xàbia, is not accompanied by alternatives that ensure the safety and sustainability of road traffic, together with an update of the outdated Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (PMUS) of 2009 ”.

In addition, the ediles of both parties point out that "In the First Montañar there are still issues pending resolution, such as the circulation of the tourist train on a road where you can enjoy the bay of Xàbia", study the measures that may increase the safety of people, bicycles and vehicles with the new arrangement of the First Mountain, connecting it with the Paseo David Ferrer "As well as follow
working on environmental sustainability, with the expansion of the sewerage network in the area ”.

On the other hand, the spokesmen of both parties also propose an improvement of the connection that currently exists between Augusta Avenue and the Cabo la Nao road, through Florence Street, for which they urge the government team to request a study to the municipal technical services in order to define what solution needs to be executed in that section "To improve its capacity and traffic, preserving the Fontana ravine".

In addition, the representatives of both formations have claimed from the Mayor, "Greater participation of the representatives of the xabieros for making these kinds of decisions", as well as that the neighbors can also express themselves about them through the Consell d'Urbanisme, as an organ of citizen participation. While in the same sense, they urge to launch from the City Council, a virtual consultation for these issues, "With the technological systems that exist today and do not require a large investment".

Petition for Citizens and PP

Both formations have submitted by registration the request for it to be carried out:

- The carrying out of a study by the municipal technicians on the improvement of the connection between Augusta Avenue and the Cabo la Nao Highway through Florence Street, preserving the Fontana ravine.

- An urgent call from the Consell d'Urbanisme to deal with the affectation, solutions and alternatives for sustainable mobility in Xàbia.

- A technical study of the alternatives for improving road and pedestrian safety regarding the new traffic management in the First Montañar.

- Carrying out a report of the volume of traffic affectation on Avenida Augusta and Carretera del Pla derived from the pedestrianization of the Avenida del Mediterráneo road with Arenal direction.

  1. Erika says:

    It seems to me that everyone thinks of pedestrians with full mobility, but they do not think of the elderly, so restricting the movement of vehicles I think is outrageous. Not everyone can travel to more distant areas to catch the bus, they cannot circulate by bicycle, they cannot even walk from Arenal to the Port. Eliminating one of the lanes of Avda. Del Mediterráneo (towards Arenal-Puerto) still seems outrageous. And I would like to know what the new Triana bridge will do if it only has one address. And I would also like to know what they are going to do with the traffic when the restrictions to the parties caused by the Covid-19 pass, when they put the International Fair on the Via Augusta, or when they start to celebrate the multiple parties that Jávea has. Please, I beg you to think of ALL the neighbors, not just the youth. It happens that this measure has been taken due to the current situation, but once we have overcome it, leave things as they were and no longer complicate traffic or commuting by bus. Making a trail in the part closest to the sea, where the cars now park, would seem to me a great solution, which has already been discussed and never carried out.

  2. Jesus says:

    What is being asked for now is an old project that I do not know why it was abandoned, when in 1996 the entire promenade that was previously a road was destroyed and made pedestrian, the idea was to follow the entire First Mountain, Avda. of the Mediterranean in the same form of urban planning, remove road traffic and leave it alone and exclusively for services and neighbors.
    Now we realize that the things that are left and are good ideas, in the end they come back
    Hopefully this time it is taken seriously and done.

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