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'Finally, Moors and Christians', by Juan Legaz Palomares

25 July 2022 - 13: 05

I am silent and cannot find words of praise to extol the Moors and Christians Festival of Xàbia. Finally, after three years of silenced festive absence due to the damn pandemic, this year (2022) they returned, in addition to other festive events in Xàbia, the fun and joyful festivities of the Moors and Christians.

The first rocket sounded and they went out and filled the streets of Customs with a renewed, enthusiastic and important force, and were received with hubbub, applause and immense joy, not only by the Javienses inhabitants, but by the thousands of vacationers and tourists who were anxious to see those Moors and Christians parade through all the streets of Customs.

The rockets and blunderbusses exploded with more force than ever, but without a doubt, the color, the exotic outfits and suits that the different Moorish and Christian filaes wore and exhibited stood out greatly to dazzle and excite the public that attended the parades in amazement with a unusual interest after three years without being able to witness this endearing and joyful festival, which after more than forty years continues to make history and makes its way among other older festive events (such as Fogueres de Sant Joan, El Nazareno or Festes de la Mare of God of Loreto).

The Moors and Christians from an exciting perspective, with perseverance, work, will and great perseverance, intend to be worthy of the recognition of the xabieros and visitors. They go to work wholeheartedly one hundred percent on a day-to-day basis with dedication and the best will to penetrate the heart of the people, and that they receive them with applause and are always ready to give them a warm welcome, as well as to acclaim them so that in this way they are encouraged to continue with this summer party in the month of July, despite the dog days that are felt on these dates.

They stoically resist the inclement heat of the torrid summer and, with great enthusiasm, put on the most varied clothing to please the public with the colorful costumes and accessories that adorn and complete a colorful and bright outfit. Next, they parade in rhythm and coordination, while the music encourages them to maintain the synchronized rhythm that awakens the ovations and olés of the entire public that attends the act enthusiastically and applauds the parade of the rows and explode in a collective joy that unites attendees in warm greetings, and to get infected and merge into a special friendship and solidarity that will end up being a fun union full of happiness and peace between rows and public.

The main purpose of this brief comment is to praise all the festive events that enhance Xàbia, its hospitality, its welcoming way of receiving and pleasing all visitors and tourists who are lucky enough to enjoy the natural beauties of this wonderful Villa Alicante and Mediterranean.

Finally, I once again have the opportunity to praise the Moors and Christians Festival, which I take advantage of to encourage them not to be suspended again in the face of any setback for the good of Xàbia. Thank you for allowing me, on another occasion, to pick up my pen and write a new and simple story in honor of these memorable Christmas holidays.
the Moors and Christians. And with all the strength of my heart I will shout: "Vixquen els Moros i Cristians de Xàbia!"

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