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Podemos Xàbia presents its list and claims the need to offer quality services

24 2023 April - 09: 14

Podemos Xàbia has released the name of its 21 members. 21 people who are part of the list of candidates for the next municipal elections and whose objective is to enter the Town hall and work "so that Xàbia has quality services". This was the forceful number 1 of Podemos, Juan Antonio López, who pointed out that despite not being in the municipal corporation, "our proposals have been heard and taken into account. We have shown our position on different issues that were being debated in the consistory".

With this message, the mayor of Podemos made reference to the slogan of the formation 'We can, the force that transforms', "as we have done in the central government."

López, in his first words as a candidate, criticized the municipal management of recent years. "It has been a government of inaction. It has only drawn up a municipal budget in the last six years. We have millions in the bank, but the City Council is not a company, it is not there to generate profits but to provide quality services."

Likewise, the head of the Podemos Xàbia list highlighted the importance of working on the program to reduce CO2 emissions "where the government team has hardly done anything after signing the mayoral pact for this fact, it has only changed the light bulbs municipal buildings".

But among its electoral proposals, Podemos also focuses on housing. On this subject, Alejandro Aguilar, regional housing secretary and head of the Podemos list for Alicante, as well as number 7 in the Xàbia candidacy, intervened. Aguilar outlined that people must not be allowed to leave Xàbia, "young people have to be able to continue living and raising a family in their town, without losing their roots. Hence the fight from the regional government, to propose a park of housing during these four years".

Alejandro also highlighted the need to expand public transport in Xàbia, "there are no connections or great service. There is only one bus every 30 minutes or an hour".

The number 7 of the Podemos Xàbia list stated that "it is very difficult to be out of the City Council. Four years ago we were left with 40 votes and that would have been removing the majority from the PSOE. Now we have a very diverse, plural list and with people from lots of capacity."

Candidacy of Podemos Xàbia to the municipal elections of 2023

  • 1. Juan Antonio Lopez
  • 2. Vicenta Cruañes
  • 3.Bernhard Feiner
  • 4.Angelika Neitzke
  • 5.Pepe Miralles
  • 6.Maria Leon
  • 7.Alejandro Aguilar
  • 8.Berta Garcia
  • 9. Josep Lluís Aviñó
  • 10.Maria Dolores Solis
  • 11.Angel Hernandez
  • 12.Maria Dolores Sanchez
  • 13.Luis Cerda
  • 14.Nina Mary Davis
  • 15.Julio Vasquez
  • 16. Monica Borlando
  • 17. Goran Nikolic
  • 18.Mª Teresa Parra
  • 19. Josep Palomares
  • 20.Lucia Avino
  • 21.Oscar Rosa
  • alternates

  • 1.Mª Luisa Fernández
  • 2.Carlos Duthy
  • 3.Mª José Fons
  1. Monica says:

    Thank you, excellent list, I think there is a lot of work ahead but we will surely achieve it, we are the force that transforms!!!